'An ugly game,' says Baker


SAN FRANCISCO -- Giants manager Dusty Baker said his team's seventh consecutive loss was entirely inartistic.

"It was an ugly game," Baker said of the 8-1 loss to Chicago. "Very ugly. I'm embarrassed for us. It's embarrassing to go out there and get your brains beat out like that."

Baker responded by saying he planned to rest three regulars today -- Barry Bonds, Darren Lewis and Kirt Manwaring. In their place, Todd Benzinger was to start in left field, Dave Martinez in ++ center field and Jeff Reed at catcher.

"Barry deserves a break," Baker said of Bonds, who has no RBI since Sept. 2. "He's missing some pitches and hitting ground balls, doing stuff he doesn't ordinarily do."

Lewis, the Giants' leadoff hitter, is 6-for-39.

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