Sykesville rail museum set on track Pullman car inched into place

A town crew and curators from the B&O; Railroad Museum put the Sykesville model railroad on track yesterday.

The model exhibit will be housed in a Pullman car that arrived in town two weeks ago, courtesy of CSX Railroad. Workers took several hours to move it from CSX to town tracks.


"We are literally inching along across decrepit track," said Bruce Greenberg, as he watched the workers pulling the car and one of the town's two cabooses into place with a backhoe and chain.

Mr. Greenberg is leading the volunteer effort to change the 80-foot-long Pullman car into a museum for the town's $10,000 model railroad collection.


"The track ties are worn out and soft, and the spikes holding them together could move," he said.

Mr. Greenberg praised the skill of Dwayne McCoy, a museum curator who gently dragged the cars chained to the backhoe.

"It takes just a little power to make the cars flow smoothly," Mr. Greenberg said.

The Pullman is a 1910 car that the Baltimore museum is leasing to Sykesville for $1 a year. Since it arrived, volunteers have

removed interior partitions and unwieldy kitchen appliances.

The group members have named themselves the Sykesville and Patapsco Railroad Society. They hope to have the car spruced up enough to show it at the town's Fall Festival Oct. 2.

"We might burn the midnight oil, but we'll do it," said Mr. Greenberg.

With $325 voted from the Sykesville Town Council Monday, the society can buy lumber to build steps at its two doors and cleaning supplies to erase years of grime, he said.