Satchell Dreamed the Science Center Drifted Afloat


The ground beneath quietly crumbled and sank,

the soil rotted from too many high heels,

cigarette butts jammed down the cracks.

The Pride quickly veered left to avoid

any collision while paddle-boaters sped up

their legs and peddled back to the pier.

Reptiles broke from glass cages,

slithered smoothly to the bottom,

their last chance for freedom.

Families watching an IMAX presentation awed

as the thick waves of the Atlantic

trickled in from the walls.

Harborplace waitresses tried to balance

ice cream sundaes while water

splashed around their ankles.

The planetarium buckled and small white

stars began to wilt,

fluttering down like dying moths.

On land, school field trips collected

and took notes with teacher's direction,

jugglers dropped clubs and

pigeons lost balance

while the center sailed on,

its flags leading the course,

determined to find treasure

in a harbor full of science.

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