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Editor: Referring to Marcia Raffel's letter criticizing the Sun Magazine's cover of July 4 ["Rob's Ribs"]:

What makes vegetarians think that they are so special? Pacifists do not like to see photos of bombers. Homophobes do not want to see pictures of gay couples. Anti-Schaeferites would like to forget our governor. But Marcia Raffel, like many vegetarians, wants to censor the rest of us. What is it that makes this minority group so intolerant, so righteous? Could it be the lack of animal proteins that gives them this defect?

Nick Sheridan


Editor: I was dismayed and saddened to see your 8th of August Letters column ["Mad About Meat"]. Ms. Raffel obviously has a problem if a picture of meat upsets her. You do not do the public or your readers a service by providing people like her a forum.

Please be more thoughtful when selecting your subject matter for future columns.

Maud Randall


Editor: I am responding to the letter from Marcia Raffel which was entitled "Mad About Meat." I would like to inform her that it is not The Sun, but she who is insensitive. The vast majority of your readers enjoy meat and to imply that The Sun is insensitive to its readers for running an article about the joys of consuming barbecue (on the 4th of July!!!) is, to put it mildly, insensitive to most of your readers.

Folks like Ms. Raffel desire to stuff their views down the throats of average meat-loving Americans. It was not inappropriate for you to run this article as she complains. Really now, what could be more appropriate on the 4th of July? Is Ms. Raffel a member of the animal rights movement? I think that it is high time that The Sun did an in-depth investigation into the animal rights (not animal welfare) movement.

Robert Cox


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