Estey Pools moving store, HQ to more visible site Warehouse also will be on Route 140


Heeding the old maxim that location is everything, Estey Pools and Spas is moving its headquarters and Westminster store to a more visible building on Route 140.

The move from the Crossroad Square Shopping Center to the former Schumacher and Seiler Inc. building east of Westminster will be complete Saturday.

"Everybody coming up and down Route 140 will be able to see Estey Pools," said store manager Rick Conley. "We should generate a lot of business from the sign itself, as opposed to being up here off the road."

Better parking and the ability to combine the company's warehouse, corporate offices and a retail outlet also made moving to the 15,000-square-foot space attractive, said Estey president Joseph R. Tabeling.

Estey -- a major Baltimore-area retailer of above-ground swimming pools, spas and billiard tables -- also has stores in Perry Hall and Pasadena. The corporate headquarters is in Reisterstown.

"We're mainly consolidating operations wherever we can, like every other business is doing," Mr. Tabeling said. "Moving into a location where we can have the office, warehouse and a retail location all combined is the optimum setup."

The combination will allow operating expenses to be covered by the retail portion of the facility, which will occupy 4,000 square feet, he said. Office space will take 1,000 square feet, and the new warehouse will use the rest.

The 1.5-acre property, currently being rented from the Schumacher family, allows for warehouse expansion, Mr. Tabeling said. The company, started in 1979, hopes to purchase the property.

"This is good for the people of Westminster because they will have more access to me," Mr. Tabeling said. "We will eventually spread out into other areas, but that's economically not feasible at this time."

He said the company also is pleased with the building itself, which was renovated in 1988.

"It's one thing to find a location [where] the building is in a good location but is falling apart," he said. "It's another to find one that is in good shape. We lucked out there."

Estey's new Westminster showroom will be about 500 square feet larger than the current one, which will allow room for more creative displays.

"The way we are setting it up, it will be more landscaped," Mr. Tabeling said. "People will have a better idea of how the pool will look in their back yard or [how] a pool table will look in their home."

Customers also will have the opportunity to "wet test" a running spa, he said.

"People will be able to come into a room, close the door and test out a spa," Mr. Tabeling said. "They didn't have that option before."

The Reisterstown site will be used as an outlet to sell one-of-a-kind, slightly damaged and discontinued merchandise, Mr. Tabeling said.

"Once a month, we plan to run a sale out of that location," he said.

Although the company will delay its grand opening sale until spring, promotions will be available at the new location on Saturday, Mr. Tabeling said.

"I have a couple of things in mind," he said, declining to give details.

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