Gore unbends on Letterman's show

NEW YORK — NEW YORK -- Vice President Al Gore proved himself master of the one-liner last night when he made an appearance on the "Late Show With David Letterman" and joked about how stiff he is.

"I'm so stiff, when I went to the forest I was cut down by a logger," Gore deadpanned.


The vice president was in town to "do" the Letterman and Phil Donahue shows in a public relations assault aimed at getting the public interested in the administration's plans to reform the bureaucracy.

Gore even offered a Top 10 List of "Good Things About Being Vice President." Among them:


L * After a bill is signed, there's a lot of free pens around.

* You don't have to be funny to be on the David Letterman show.

* You get to eat all the french fries the president can't get to.

* Secret Service code name: Buttafuoco.

They also smashed ashtrays to illustrate the absurdity of rules governing the size of shards created when a government-bought ashtray is hit.