Warm bath readies eggs for scrambling


Q: I have read that eggs scramble better at room temperature. Isn't it dangerous to let them sit out to bring them to that temperature?

A: It is dangerous to let eggs sit out for long periods of time at room temperature, so a quick trick is to sit the egg, in its shell in lukewarm water for a few minutes.

Q: I have recently seen many new types of mushrooms available in my supermarket's produce department. How can I prepare them to see if I will like them?

A: The best way to bring out the full flavors of individual mushrooms is to saute them quickly in a little olive oil or butter and, if not doing simply a mushroom tasting, you might use them to top something bland such as a sauteed chicken breast.

Q: What is a tomatillo and how should I use it?

A: A tomatillo is a small, green tomato-like fruit recognizable by its parchment husk. It is a mainstay of Mexican and Southwestern cooking and is used in salsa, cooked sauces and stews. They are also called Mexican green tomatoes and are available canned in ethnic markets.

Q: When I cook salmon, I notice a dark, grayish-brown layer just under the skin. Is this edible?

A: This part of the salmon is definitely edible and varies only slightly in flavor from the more colorful tissue or meat. It's darker in color for it's the bloodline of the fish. It could be compared to the darker meat in poultry.

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