County offices to expand into space vacated by Winchester Building tenants


'TC Keith Kirschnick, Carroll's director of public works, has devised a preliminary proposal for space usage in the county-owned Winchester Building.

About 4,200 square feet will become available, probably by the end of October, when two private tenants vacate their first-floor offices at 125 N. Court St. near the County Office Building in Westminster.

Several county offices already in the Winchester Building will move to the first floor to give other offices room to expand.

"This is all proposal and a lot of it could change," Mr. Kirschnick told the county commissioners yesterday.

His proposal includes:

* Consolidation of the Department of Public Works to one first-floor location with 1,740 square feet.

This would entail moving the Bureau of Utilities from the County Office Building and the Office of Solid Waste Management and Office of Land Acquisition -- already in Winchester -- into one space.

"They all report to me and we could all use the same secretarial staff," said Mr. Kirschnick.

* Moving the Office of Tourism from its three-room suite on the third floor to the first floor and consolidating all the departments grouped under the Office of Economic Development.

* Moving the Office of Non-Support from the second floor to the first, into the 2,475-square-foot space now occupied by Carroll Sports Medicine to provide space for new hires and additional conference rooms.

* Expanding the Jobs Training Partnership Administration, which has a long-standing request for space, to fill the vacated second-floor area. That agency would gain about 500 additional square feet.

Mr. Kirschnick said he hoped to begin making the changes in November.

After all the moves, "some unallocated space" will remain in the Winchester Building for the county's use, he said. The moves would also free space in the County Office Building, which he said he would discuss at the next public works meeting.

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