Ruckus is kicked up by errant soccer ball Rooftop retrieval try draws police


A soccer ball caused quite a stir in Taneytown early Monday morning after it landed on the roof of the Northwest Middle School.

Taneytown police said they received a report of people on the roof of the school on King Drive about 2 a.m.

Then, state police joined the search and cordoned off the area, thinking they would prevent would-be burglars from escaping.

The state police helicopter, returning to the Frederick airport after a MedEvac mission, heard the call and responded to illuminate the area with its million-candlepower searchlight. The helicopter crew found no one on the roof.

Finally, Taneytown police commandeered a ladder and climbed to the roof of the school. They found a soccer ball, but nobody on the roof.

Police later found a 16-year-old girl nearby who said she had been on the playground of the school with two 16-year-old boys.

One of the boys had kicked the ball on the roof of the school, she told police.

She said the boys then climbed to the roof to recover the ball, but fled before police arrived.

Police found the boys a short distance from the school.

Police said there was no break-in or damage to the school but that charges of curfew violation might be placed against the youths.

All for a soccer ball.

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