Stop being so tall Prince Philip, husband...


Stop being so tall Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, was accused this weekend of committing a faux pas only serious royalty watchers could spot -- wearing the wrong ceremonial sash at the funeral of Belgium's King Baudouin last month.

The Daily Mail newspaper reported that Prince Philip went equipped with the green, red and white sash of Zaire's Order of the Leopard instead of the purple Order of Leopold -- doubly embarrassing given the colonial history of the former Belgian Congo.

Buckingham Palace, the Mail said, insisted the sash was of the dTC military division of the Order of Leopold. But the newspaper could find no record of such an honor.

Seinfeld shrugs off date with teen-ager

The supermarket tabloids are having a field day after 39-year-old Jerry Seinfeld -- star of NBC's "Seinfeld" -- appeared at a basketball game with a 17-year-old.

"She's a very sweet girl and very pretty," the comedian said in an interview in the October issue of Playboy magazine. "I didn't know how old she was. I knew she wasn't 40. I took her to a basketball game, and that was the whole thing."

The tabloid stories didn't bother him, but he said his friends' reactions ranged from absolute horror to pride in knowing a man who dated a teen-ager.

"Guys I hadn't heard from in years called to say: 'Congratulations! Good for you.' Women I know wouldn't even call me back. My assistant punched me."

Singapore paper growls at Jackson

Pop idols who act like singer Michael Jackson "deserve to be whacked," said the Sunday Times of Singapore.

In a stinging editorial, the newspaper said no matter how welcome the revenue from Michael Jackson's shows last week, "no accounting can overlook the rapacious cynicism with which pop stars and their promoters exploit public gullibility." Mr. Jackson performed two concerts in Singapore before flying to Taiwan, one of which was postponed for two days because of what his doctor said was a migraine headache.

"What Jackson seems to share with other cult figures is a contempt for those who keep him going," the paper said. "Pop idols and their corporate sponsors might like to take note that like terrorists, they survive on the oxygen of publicity. Perhaps that oxygen should be cut off if they persist in taking fans and others for granted. They deserve to be whacked."

Former hostage bears 'no grudge'

Thomas Sutherland, the first former American hostage in Lebanon to return to the land where he was kidnapped, wound up his visit in Beirut this weekend saying he bore "no grudge against anyone."

Mr. Sutherland and his wife, Jean, arrived a week ago with television crews from NBC and the British Broadcasting Corp. to shoot a film about his ordeal.

During the week, the Scottish-born naturalized U.S. citizen went sightseeing and visited leaders of Hezbollah, a Shiite group widely regarded as an umbrella for kidnappers between 1984 and 1992.

"I returned to tell the Lebanese people that I bear no grudge against anyone. The young men who held us also were hostages of this issue as much as we were."

Crown princess of 'Entertainment'?

Miss America Leanza Cornett wants to trade her crown for a contract with "Entertainment Tonight."

Miss Cornett, 22, of Jacksonville, Fla., said she's negotiating for a job with the syndicated show after her reign ends on Sept. 18. She said she'll move to Los Angeles and continue her studies in communications at UCLA. She already has been filling in for "ET" host Mary Hart.


Comedian JoAnne Worley is 56. Actress Swoosie Kurtz is 49. Comedian-actress Jane Curtin is 46.

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