Name: Christina Slaugh, 33, Wilde Lake in...


Name: Christina Slaugh, 33, Wilde Lake in Columbia.

Hobbies and other activities: Ms. Slaugh volunteers for Voices for Children in Columbia, part of a national movement in conjunction with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for children. Volunteers are screened and trained, then matched with abused children in Howard County who will be going to court. The volunteer does research on the child and compiles a comprehensive background report to be used in court. The report includes recommendations for the case. The volunteer also helps the child through the court process.

Besides her volunteer work, Ms. Slaugh likes to read, travel and garden.

Organization's Comments: "Chris' dedication and compassion for her CASA child has been consistently heartwarming, despite the complexity of balancing school, work and family. Her child has always been a clear priority," said Janice Schwarz-Lantner, director of client services at Voices for Children.

Volunteer's Comments: "Working as an advocate has been a very rewarding experience," Ms. Slaugh said. "I feel children, especially, abused children, need all the support they can get. Children deserve a safe and caring home environment."

About Ms. Slaugh: She moved to Maryland in 1991 from Sacramento, Calif. She is a senior studying psychology and social work at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, where she is a member of the Student Social Work Association. She attended Howard Community College.

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