Superintendent seeks $77 million for schools


Anne Arundel County's school superintendent has recommended the school board seek $77 million in state and county money next year to pay for about 40 construction projects, including a new Meade Area Elementary School.

The recommendations for the draft construction budget were put together shortly before Superintendent C. Berry Carter II was put on paid leave pending the completion of an investigation into whether he properly reported child abuse cases during his term as deputy superintendent.

The county's eight Board of Education members will get their first look at his priority list at their meeting tomorrow, set for at 9 a.m. at the school system's central offices on Riva Road. The school board, which will not vote on the list tomorrow, will conduct a public hearing on the subject at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 13.

Among the recommendations is $1 million in state money to help pay for an addition to and renovations of Deale Elementary.

In an unusual move, Mr. Carter recommended the school board seek both the state's approval of plans and a commitment to pay immediately for part of the construction costs of the Meade Area Middle School and additions and renovations for Park Elementary.

Usually the state committee that oversees school construction grants local school districts permission to plan a new building one year, then later agrees to provide some of the money to pay for it. Prior approval is required if the state is going to pay any portion of the costs.

The total cost of the Meade Area Middle School would be about $19.2 million; the state's share would be about $5.6 million. The total cost of work on Park Elementary would be about $8.8 million; the state's share of that would be about $1.8 million.

"I know we have got a jail and other things competing with us for the money, but we feel we need another $35 million year," Ronald Beckett, superintendent for support services, said. "Some projects are so big, like the Meade Area Middle School, that they almost swallow the whole budget."

The county has a priority list of about 40 construction projects necessary to meet the growing student population. "The kids are coming, and our facilities are continuing to age," Mr. Beckett said. "We've got a construction backlog."

Mr. Carter also has recommended seeking the state's permission to begin planning 10 more school construction projects, including a new West County Senior High and renovations to Adams Park Elementary.

The two projects were moved up from the bottom of the priority list after parents urged the board to reconsider. Because the former Adams Park Elementary now houses the county's Learning Center for students with behavior problems, Mr.

Carter's plan also would seek state approval for a substitute facility -- at a cost to the state of $1.5 million, with construction getting under way in the fiscal year beginning July 1,

1995. Once that new facility is completed, Adams Park would be converted back to an elementary school, with a scheduled reopening in September 1997.


Here's information you'll need if you have a child enrolled in Anne Arundel County schools:

Projected 1993-94 enrollment: 69,923, (up 2,397 from last year)

First day for students: Sept. 1

Winter vacation: Dec. 24 through Dec. 31

Spring break: March 31 through April 4

Last day of school: June 14; June 16 for teachers

Report cards distributed (elementary/secondary): Nov. 12/Nov. 19, Feb. 4/Feb. 11, April 15/April 22, June 16/June 24.

Standardized test dates: Maryland School Performance Assessment Program: May 9-20 for Grades three, five and eight. Maryland Functional Tests: Grades Seven-12, Reading Oct. 19; Writing, Jan. 11-12. Grades eight-12, Math, Oct. 26. Grades nine-12, Citizenship, Jan. 19. Repeat tests, for students who have not passed, will be offered April 7 (Reading), April 14 (Math) and April 20 (Citizenship).

Lunch prices: $1.10 full price, 40 cents reduced price.

Breakfast prices: 70 cents full price, 30 cents reduced price.

Immunizations required: Prekindergarten: Four diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP), three polio and one measles-mumps-rubella vaccines (children under 3 years must have been given one dose of Haemophilus influenza b (Hib) vaccine after 12 months of age); Kindergarten and Grade One: Four DTP, three polio, two measles, one mumps and one rubella; Grades Two-12: Three diphtheria-tetanus (Td), one measles, one rubella. In addition, students in grades six and seven must show proof of two measles and one mumps vaccine.

Board of Education meetings: First Wednesday of each month, 10:30 a.m.; third Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. (except for Sept. 13 instead of Sept. 15).

Board of Education members: Thomas Twombly, president; Joseph H. Foster, vice president; Dorothy Chaney, Maureen Carr-York, Carlesa Finney, Michael A. Pace, Desira St. Pierre, Jo Ann Tollenger.

Phone Numbers:

* Superintendent's office: Carol Parham, 222-5306

* School board office: 222-5311

* Attendance areas (If you're not sure what school your child will attend): 222-5149

* ESOL Programs (English as a Second Language): 222-5424

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