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Van Halen's Anthony is picking a hot...


Van Halen's Anthony is picking a hot rod

Michael Anthony of the band Van Halen has been presented with a racy $20,000 guitar crafted by Boyd Coddington, a custom designer of hot rods.

Mr. Coddington presented the guitar, commissioned by the bass player, before hundreds of people Thursday night at the Hard Rock Cafe in Newport Beach, Calif. An identical guitar is being exhibited at the restaurant.

"You thought this only looked good on cars," Mr. Anthony said.

The guitar features an aluminum body that is purple, a center cap from a wheel as volume control knob, adjusters resembling car keys and a pick guard of fluted glass mounted in rubber, similar to a windshield. The neck has hot rod flames.

Mr. Coddington also created "CadZZilla," a custom car for the band ZZ Top.

Canadian beer goes presidential

Two-page ads appearing in British newspapers Friday appear to present President Bill Clinton as pitchman for Canada's Molson beer.

There's a big picture of the president next to this quote:

"One of the things that I've learned this year is that a strongbeer can have a really clean taste. My wife is more of a beer drinker than I am, and she's the one who first cottoned on to Molson Special Dry."

But the fine print explains it's not the president talking but just an average London beer drinker, and the photo of Mr. Clinton is, well, just a photo of Mr. Clinton. This would never fly in the United States, but Molson says it's on firm legal ground in Britain.

Royals call retreat in summer vacations

A day in the life of a royal: The parties! The vacations! The romance! The press:

* After three days at Disney World, Princess Diana and her two young sons left behind the Pirates of the Caribbean and moved their holiday to Lyford Cay, a secluded Bahamas resort.

"It is a very private visit," said Cordell Thompson of the Ministry of Tourism.

* The Duchess of York cut short her vacation Friday in Lagos, Portugal, complaining of too much coverage and security.

The former Sarah Ferguson was upset by the heightened security around the luxurious Casa dos Flores, where she and her two children were staying, and peeved at restrictions on her movement.

* Japan is buzzing with rumors that Emperor Akihito's only daughter, Princess Nori, will meet a potential suitor in a Belgian castle next month.

Nobel Prize winner hailed by St. Lucia

Nobel laureate Derek Walcott came home to Castries, St. Lucia, to receive one of the island nation's highest honors. The 63-year-old poet and playwright, a professor at Boston University, received the St. Lucia Cross on Friday.

Mr. Walcott has placed this former British colony in the West Indies "before the eyes of the world through his works," Governor General Stanislaus James said.

"I have had a lot bestowed upon me by the people of St. Lucia," Mr. Walcott told reporters afterward.

Earlier this year, officials in St. Lucia renamed the island's largest park after Mr. Walcott, winner of the 1992 Nobel Prize in literature.

Mr. Walcott writes in St. Lucia most summers and has been working to develop the island's theater community.


Actor Barry Sullivan is 81. Actor George Montgomery is 77. Actor-director Sir Richard Attenborough is 70. Sen. David Pryor, D-Ark., is 59. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is 57. New Jersey Gov. James Florio is 56. Actor Elliott Gould is 55. Movie director William Friedkin is 54. Singer Michael Jackson is 35.


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