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Meg and James "Bub" Smith of New Windsor, and members of their award-winning Percheron horse collection, are movie stars and draft-horse show people.

Many Carroll residents are familiar with the Smiths through their formal carriages and surreys that escort wedding parties to Antrim, a bed and breakfast in Taneytown, as well as the hayrides they drive.

But if you look closely at a Channel 13 Bob Turk commercial, there is "Bub" wearing a red hat. He was an extra, and he supplied the wagon for the commercial.

"Out of Time" was their first movie experience.

It was a children's movie in which the Smiths provided a horse and buggy. Their son, Neil Parish, was an extra in the film.

In "Liberty," the Smiths supplied some of the horses and wagons. Mrs. Smith was a wrangler in charge of coordinating more than 60 horses and 20 wagons and their drivers.

What impressed the Smiths most was the camaraderie they shared with the major performers.

"The movie starred Levar Burton, Carrie Fisher, Frank Langella and George Kennedy," said Mrs. Smith. "We were part of the cast, so we ate lunch or dinner with them every day and breakfast, just as if we were stars."

"We even had our own dressing rooms," added Mr. Smith.

"They were just very, very nice to us," Mrs. Smith said.

In a barn on their property, the Smiths have collected farm equipment and various wagons, some in use, some waiting to be restored. In a far corner sits a rather small, yellow-and-red wagon with the red-and-green lettering, "Frazier Ice," which was used in Liberty.

Mrs. Smith remembers that the two-seat surrey they use for weddings was "Carrie Fisher's exclusive surrey" in "Liberty."

For "Her Alibi," various dressings, harnesses, halters, hay and straw were used to create a barn setting for the film, which starred Tom Selleck.

Of their movie experiences, Mrs. Smith said, "It was a lot of work and long hours. We got up here [at home] at 4 o'clock in the morning, and we would sometimes get home at 10 or 11 [at night]."

They would travel to Baltimore and Fells Point to be ready for a 6 a.m. call.

Mr. Smith said there was "a lot of hurry up and wait" time, but overall, the movies were experiences they will never forget.

"We've had a lot of fun and met a lot of people," he said. "We just can't wait to do another one."

Eleven years ago, Mr. Smith was injured in a fox-hunting accident. He loved the sport, but decided it was time to stop. However, his love for horses motivated him to purchase two new ones, a Belgian and a Percheron, to add to his riding horse collection.

Because the Percheron had a more gentle temperament, he kept it and sold the Belgian.

Under the name J-Mar B Corp., the 47-year-old Smith Hill Farms, on Springdale Road in New Windsor, is now home to 20 Percheron show horses.

The "gentle giants," muscular work horses a little smaller than Clydesdales, participate in local and national shows. Seven are show champions.

In addition to weddings and hayrides, livery services are available for picnics, parties, company outings, fund-raisers, shuttle service, holiday promotions and, of course, movies and commercials.

Mr. Smith hopes to begin covered wagon rides and, if enough snow is available, sleigh rides.


Bring your lawn chairs Sunday to Taneytown Memorial Park to enjoy an evening of gospel music. The Masters Four, a Pennsylvania gospel group, will entertain at the park entrance from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The group is sponsored by Taneytown Bank and Trust and Carroll County Bank and Trust.


The Union Memorial VFW Post 8806 and the Ladies Auxiliary will dedicate a monument to those who served in Panama, Granada and Desert Storm, as well as rededicating the monuments to Korea and Vietnam, at a ceremony Sunday.

Post Commander Dick Stambaugh said the monument to Panama, Granada, and Desert Storm was to have been dedicated this spring, when it was installed.

Because of a scheduling conflict, the ceremony was delayed until this month.

He said a full color guard will be attending.

The services will begin at 2 p.m. at the Post Home, Penrose Avenue, Union Bridge.

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