AP gives Tide voter marching orders


Corky Simpson's vote in The Associated Press college football poll won't make anyone angry this season. He doesn't have one.

AP deputy sports editor Ron Sirak says the vote was taken away. Simpson says he didn't want it anyway.

Last season, Simpson, a sportswriter at the Tucson (Ariz.) Citizen, voted Alabama No. 1 every week. He voted for Alabama even when the other 61 voters were going for Washington or Miami.

Although he was vilified elsewhere, Simpson became so popular in Alabama that the university brought him out to be grand marshal of its national championship victory parade. Because he accepted,the AP decided it wouldn't let him vote.

"It compromised his independence as a voter," says Sirak, speaking in place of sports editor Terry Taylor, who was on vacation. "It created an appearance we don't like to have, and that was enough to take away his vote."

"That's the reason I'm not voting? No one told me that," Simpson says. "I wrote to Terry Taylor [in a letter dated June 17] and said I didn't want to vote, that I was going out undefeated. . . . I thought it was all academic anyway. They usually rotate the vote in Arizona, and this year it goes to one of the Phoenix papers."

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