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How to turn up volume


The 24-hour marathon Fashion Day at QVC yesterday proves the home shopping network is looking to add zip to its motto of "Quality, Value, Convenience."

Ever since media mogul Barry Diller came on board early this year, the fashion frisson has been felt up and down America's call-in shopping lines.

Now that QVC has made a bid to take over the Home Shopping Channel, the Diller influence on the way 60 million Americans shop at home will be complete.

He has brought star-quality friends to the air and into the fold, making new believers out of fashion establishment leaders who, early on, couldn't have been bothered with the TV showcase for cutlery and cubic zirconia.

Mark Bozek, the former spokesman for Williwear, was brought in to dress up production services and give the network a boost. "What we did was create the feeling of a design studio -- tables, drawing boards, clean lines," Mr. Bozek says. "We have altered the graphics. We have improved on the type of models we use. Not all of them are a perfect size 6, but then neither are our viewers."

The network also has hired hair and makeup stylists to make the look consistent. "Our intention is not to be fashion-forward or trendy, but to be current," he says.

"Some of our show hosts have a great following, but it certainly helps to get fashion information straight from the horse's mouth," he says, referring to the designers, retailers and apparel manufacturers who are suddenly home-shopping friendly.

Mr. Bozek denies that QVC is out to impress slaves to fashion. "It's exhausting to even try to appeal to all the 100 truly cool people who live in New York City."

What QVC will try is Q2, a new network due to debut in spring '94 which will promote shopping as entertainment aimed at a younger, hipper audience.

Plans are to include programs on decorating, cooking, parenting and dressing. It sounds like a Martha Stewart meets Eddie Bauer for brunch in the Bahamas format.

And America will be able to buy into a lifestyle.

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