AIDS cited in death of rapist His victim was a medical student BALTIMORE CITY


Calvin Mayo III, the man convicted of abducting and raping a Johns Hopkins medical student in an April 1992 attack near the hospital, has died of complications from an AIDS-related illness, law enforcement sources said.

Mayo, 28, sentenced in February to life plus 61 1/2 years for rape, kidnapping and extortion, died July 31 at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Prison officials identified his cause of death as "organ failure."

Mayo had been diagnosed with AIDS and he was recently transferred from the custody of the state Division of Correction to the medical center, where he was being treated for problems associated with the disease, according to criminal justice sources.

Jill Bloom, a spokeswoman for the medical center, confirmed that Mayo died there but declined to identify the cause of death, saying that the hospital cannot release such information without authorization from Mayo's family.

Leonard A. Sipes Jr., a state prisons spokesman, said only that Mayo had been transferred to the hospital "for unspecified medical reasons." He refused to elaborate.

The attack on the student and other incidents sparked calls for tighter security from hospital employees. Johns Hopkins responded with plans to increase security at the East Baltimore hospital.

Court records detailing the rape state that Mayo wore a condom while he raped the victim. The 27-year-old student was on her way to the pediatrics unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital when Mayo approached her on the sidewalk of North Wolfe Street, announced a holdup, and forced her into a vacant house in the 800 block of N. Durham St.

There, he beat her with a crutch, choked her with nylon stockings and raped her. She was then ordered to set up a phone call to her boyfriend in which Mayo demanded a $200 ransom for her safe return.

The boyfriend, also a medical student, went to an alley on North Wolfe Street and left a white envelope with 10 $20 bills on a parked car. Mayo, wearing a ski mask, picked them up soon thereafter released the woman.

Mayo was arrested four days later.

He was convicted Dec. 22 of kidnapping, armed robbery and extortion as well as first-degree rape and a third-degree sex offense.

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