County planning liaison jumps into her new job Plans for growth to tap expertise


Brenda Dinne is entering her new job as county planning liaison to New Windsor and Union Bridge the way some people might enter a swimming pool on a hot summer day -- she's jumping right in.

"I have had all types of things said to me that I must remember," Mrs. Dinne said. "But I think all I can really do is just get in there and learn about the towns."

Mrs. Dinne began her work in Carroll July 29 after three years on the faculty of the University of Oregon's planning department. She and her husband, Jack, a natural resource planner, moved from Eugene, Ore., to Westminster this summer.

She received a bachelor's degree in business management from a state college on the East Coast that she declined to identify and a master's degree in planning from the University of Oregon in 1991.

She said her work in Oregon was similar to the kinds of jobs she will be doing for the county.

"We did long-term studies for communities that needed assistance," Mrs. Dinne said. "We worked on things like the Emergency Management Plan for Eugene, which gave instructions for what to do in case of a natural disaster or other catastrophe.

"We also did parks plans and transportation plans. From what I understand so far, I'm going to be doing much of the same thing for New Windsor and Union Bridge."

Mrs. Dinne expects to be fully involved as each town plans for growth. She already has been initiated into the dispute over sewer and water fees surrounding New Windsor's plans for a new middle school.

"I know I'll have to take the annexation process through. The school system has to put the package together, but I will have to go through the process as well," Mrs. Dinne said. "That will entail things like a report on the extension of public facilities and reviewing the construction plans to make sure they work with the town and county plans."

Mrs. Dinne said she does not anticipate any problems with the annexation process.

She said she has not been fully briefed on details of the Phillips property, which was annexed to Union Bridge in 1991 but remains undeveloped.

Mrs. Dinne said she has scheduled meetings with New Windsor Mayor Jack A. Gullo Jr. and Union Bridge Mayor Perry L. Jones Jr. to discuss "what is important to them in town.

"I don't have any expectations at this point," Mrs. Dinne said. "I just want to do a good job and produce the best quality work I can."

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