Annapolis' Gordon, Brady team for Solomons sweep SAILING


SOLOMONS ISLAND -- Annapolitan Peter Gordon's Farr 44, Gaucho -- with 1992 Olympic silver medalist Jim Brady of Annapolis at the helm -- took the overall performance trophy yesterday as Yachting Race Week at Solomons Island came to a close.

The Gaucho crew turned in a perfect five-ace series, repeating the accomplishment of a clean sweep in the boat's debut regatta, Yachting Race Week at Key West in January 1992.

Eighty boats participated in the three-day event that had two IMS and five PHRF divisions.

Generally a light-air series, the boats sailed in relatively steady southerly breezes ranging from 6 to 10 knots over the three-day period. Monday and Tuesday had two races each. Yesterday, after a morning postponement waiting for the southerly breezes, the finale was held.

Gordon was quick to credit the work of a fine team for his success, pointing not only to helmsman Brady and tactician Dee Smith, imported for the event from San Francisco, but also to the rest of his team.

"It's a real thrill to see a boat sailed for maximum performance," Gordon said. "I like to get a good crew together and sail for the maximum."

Gaucho, scratch boat in the five-boat IMS A class, led at every mark but one through the series, and won four of five starts, Brady said.

"Gaucho is a very good competitive boat, especially in these bTC conditions," Brady said. "And I think we sailed the boat well. It was nice to be able to get out in front and sail our own race."

"Getting some breathing room was an advantage," Smith said. "Because of that we were able to play the little things maybe better than some of the others" who were farther back in the pack.

Yesterday's competition was extremely close, Brady said. Gaucho beat Paul Parks' Shady Side-based Farr 40, by a mere 10 seconds.

IMS A (5 entries): 1. Gaucho, Peter Gordon, Annapolis, 3.75 (1-1-1-1-1); 2. Sundog, Paul Parks, Shady Side, 11 (2-2-2-3-2); 3. Lonia2, Matney/Raas/Stacy, Bristol, Va., 15 (3-3-4-2-3).

IMS B (6 entries): 1. Predator, Bryan Fishback, Annapolis, 5 (1-1-2-1-1); 2. Promises, Sledd Shelhorse, Virginia Beach, Va., 11 (2-2-3-2-2); 3. Battlewagon, John Hanna, Seaford, Va., 15.75 (5-3-1-4-3).

PHRF C (11 entries): 1. Chesapeake, Seward Lawlor, Hampton, Va., 15 (6-2-2-2-3); 2. True North, Mark Fischer, Baltimore, 16.75 (4-3-5-4-1); 3. Woftam, James Michie, Arnold, 18.5 (2-8-1-1-7).

PHRF D (13 entries): 1. Sea Star, Vernon Eberwine, Suffolk, Va., 10.5 (1-3-4-2-1); 2. Shazam, William Heffner, Annapolis, 11.5 (6-1-2-1-2); 3. Patriot, Case Whittemore, Richmond, Va., 12.75 (4-2-1-3-3).

PHRF E (14 entries): 1. White Lie, Glenn Robbins, Severna Park, 9.5 (3-3-2-1-1); 2. The Simpsons, Thompson/Shanahan, St. Michaels, 11.75 (2-4-1-2-3); 3. Resurrection, Bill Spencer, Richmond, Va., 14.5 (1-1-6-3-4).

PHRF F (14 entries): 1. Terrific, Olaf Tom-Felde, Annapolis, 12.25 (1-1-6-4-1); 2. Artemis II, Pendleton Alexander, Annapolis, 17 (4-4-3-2-4); 3. Jammin', Robert Breslin, Annapolis, 23 (8-2-4-3-6).

PHRF G (18 entries): 1. Stat, Mel Tockman, Baltimore, 10.5 (4-1-3-1-2); 2. Coup de Vent, Thomas Bernard, Arlington, Va., 19 (3-3-6-3-4); 3. Vertwo, John & Betty Scott, Towson, 20 (2-2-5-4-7).

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