REAL HORSE POWER Antique vehicles step out for a ride


Visitors to the 4-H/FFA Fair yesterday took a step back to the old days as they watched the Antique Horse Drawn Carriage Show parade in the grassy parking lot at the county agricultural center.

Six classes of antique carriages and wagons -- from professional vehicles used by a doctor or fire chief to wagons pulled by four-mule teams -- competed in the contest.

"It was very, very tough," said Ann Barkley of the task facing her and fellow contest judges. "In the farm implement category, they were all beautiful."

Ms. Barkley, who works with the 4-H riding program for disabled children, calls herself a horse person.

"I regularly show jumpers and I've ridden all my life," she said.

RF Participants were judged on the quality of vehicle restoration and

how they handled their animals.

The winner in the "Antique Four-Wheel Vehicle Pulled by One Animal" category was John Million of Westminster, who drove a four-seat Peyton with a beige parasol top. The wagon, built in 1896, was usually driven by wealthy people.

The "Antique Four-wheel Vehicle Pulled by Two Animals" category was won by Becky Burdette of Union Bridge, who drove a green and yellow grain wagon pulled by two mules named Becky and Clyde. The vehicle is about 85 years old.

Winner in the "Antique Farm Implement" category was an International Hay Tedder owned by Sonny Burdette of Union Bridge. The small, two-wheel vehicle has several fork-like implements in the back that were used to fluff hay so it would dry properly.

"It looks like it came right out of the factory," Carroll County extension agent Bob Shirley said to the crowd, complimenting Mr. Burdette on his restoration work.

L The "Professional Vehicle" category was won by Tawna Arbaugh

for a 1896 doctor's buggy constructed by H.H. Babcock of Baltimore and Watersville, N.Y.

The buggy had been owned by county commissioner Donald I. Dell's father, Roger, and was the vehicle in which the senior Mr. Dell courted his wife, Commissioner Dell told the crowd yesterday.

"This is the first time I've ridden in it since 1929," Mr. Dell said.

First place in the "Multiple Hitch" category went to Sonny Burdette for his team of four mules pulling an express wagon.

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