Crews drift to finish in Corsica race


Drifting was the story at last weekend's Corsica River Yacht Club's 53rd annual regatta.

Forty-four crews in seven classes took off from a starting line north of Sandy Point for a ride up and over into the Chester River to finish at the mouth of the Corsica.

Although there was light but decent breeze at the start, and again at the finish of that race, doldrums in the mid-section added to the challenge -- and frustration levels -- of the event.

Those problems paled in comparison with the next day's Corsica River Race Back, produced by the Magothy River Sailing Association, when nobody managed to finish in non-existent wind and a strong current.

"On Saturday we had a reasonable breeze starting out," said Cal 25 winner Charlie Husar. "The first leg was up to Baltimore Light, to weather, and then we went across the bay on a close reach to No. 1 at Swan Point Bar near Rock Hall. We held it high because the wind was starting to die down and there was an ebb current, and once we rounded that mark it turned into mostly dog days."

Husar was sailing Chicken Little short-handed, with only Lynda Lawyer and Steve Harmon to assist him.

As they went upstream in the Chester, he said, "The guys inshore kept gaining, it looked like they were really doing well. But at that south crook in the river at Queenstown, I gybed over and picked up some wind and took off. Then we had decent breeze for the last beat to the finish."

He said on Sunday things became impossible and some boats even anchored at the starting line in the dead calm and adverse current.

"We'd been out there for five hours and we hadn't even made it to Queenstown," Husar said. "That was when we quit."

CRYC 53rd annual Regatta

Provisional results

(times not available

PHRF A (10 starters): 1. Airwaves, Robert Michel Jr., Baltimore; 2. Coyote, Gene Barnhart, Annapolis; 3. Beep Beep, Dan Mitchell, Warwick; 4. Snallygaster, Charles Stein III, Baltimore.

PHRF B (4 starters): 1. Airwaves, Dave Wiemer, Baltimore; 2. Desperado, Elwood Snyder, Newark, Del.

PHRF C (4 starters): 1. Cheeks, (skipper, address unavailable); 2. Wizard, Les Toeplitz, Pasadena.

PHRF Nonspinnaker (5 starters): 1. Catawampus, Virgil Hobbs Jr., Fallston; 2. Chapter II, Craig Doyle, (address unavailable); 3. Plum Fun, Gary Meyer, Severn.

Alberg 30 (7 starters): 1. Sundance, Bert Nye/Gary Evans, Annapolis; 2. Incredible, Karl Gerhard, Crofton; 3. Limerick, Pat Gorman, Annapolis.

Cal 25 (8 starters): 1. Chicken Little, Charlie Husar, Annapolis; 2. CL2, Geoffrey Swanhart, Sterling, Va.; 3. Harlequin, Leo Surla, Washington.

Triton (6 starters): 1. Sandpiper, Chris Gordon, Chevy Chase; 2. Overdraft, David Hoyt, Glen Burnie; 3. Pylasteki, Leb Brown, RTC Silver Spring.

SSA junior awards

Severn Sailing Association conducted graduation and awards ceremonies for the Class of '93 in the club's junior program, graduating some 68 young sailors in five divisions and presenting numerous series and special awards.

SSA's juniors sail in Optimist prams and 420s, with three levels in the Optimist division and two in the 420s.

One of the junior program's newest awards, first presented last year by the Hughes family, is the Corinthian Cup, awarded to the junior sailor whose spirit reflects that the race best sailed is the one most fairly sailed.

This year it was awarded to Opti-Mate Scott Weller of Annapolis, who also was the winner of the Opti-Mate class race series, the

Turtle Bowl.

Severn SA Jr. Program awards

Most Improved: 420 Skipper, Brandon McDowell, Arnold; 420 Mate, Lindsey Butts, Crownsville; Opti-Skipper, Francisca Antell, Annapolis; Opti-Mate, Session I, Avery Shattuck, Annapolis; Opti-Mate, Session II, Matt Dixon, Annapolis; Opti-Seaman, Session I, Robby Greenfield, Annapolis; Opti-Seaman, Session II, Matthew Negrete, Severna Park.

Guppy Bowl, Session I: 1. Kent Phillips, Annapolis; 2. Elisabeth Kreter, Severna Park; 3. Robby Greenfield, Annapolis.

Guppy Bowl, Session II: 1. Matthew Negrete, Severna Park; 2. David Foye, Arnold; 3. Sarah Abbott, Annapolis.

Opti-Seaman Sportsmanship Award: Session I, Matthew Negrete, Severna Park; Session II, Stephen King, Silver Spring.

Opti-Mate Turtle Bowl: 1. Scott Weller, Annapolis; 2. Elisabeth Kreter, Severna Park; 3. David Foye, Arnold.

Opti-Skipper Commodore's Bowl: 1. Emily Rodriguez, Annapolis; 2. Scott MacMullan, Arnold; 3. Joseph Fava, Pasadena.

420 Mate Bailer Bowl: 1. Stuart Rothblat-Walker, Annapolis; 2. Kevin Sweeney, Riva; 3. Heather Zornetzer, Chevy Chase.

420 Skipper Bailer Bowl: 1. Brandon McDowell, Arnold; 2. Noah Donaldson, Annapolis; 3. Bob Dallas, Fairfax, Va.

Welch Trophy (outstanding boy): Matt Schubert, Opti-Skipper, Annapolis.

Empey Trophy (outstanding girl): Francisca Antell, Opti-Skipper, Annapolis.

MacVickar Trophy (outstanding sportsmanship): Heather Zornetzer, 420 Mate, Chevy Chase.

Bartlett Trophy (long-term dedication to sailing & goals of SSA): Trevor Shattuck, 420 Skipper, Annapolis.

McDowell Marlin Spike Award (best knot-tying): Faith Colaluca, 420 Mate, Hagerstown.

Corinthian Cup: Scott Weller, Opti-Mate, Annapolis.

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