Ultralights get another weekend 3-race regatta set for Aug. 21-22


For the second consecutive year, the Chesapeake Bay's ultralight sailboats will have a racing weekend all their own, courtesy of the Shearwater and West River sailing clubs.

Based on last year's inaugural event, a three-race format has been adopted for this year's regatta, set for Aug. 21-22. Two races are slated for Saturday, with the first being around the buoys and the second a distance race from Annapolis to West River. Sunday's single contest will carry the fleet back from West River to Annapolis.

In this regatta, which is not sanctioned for CBYRA High Point, an ultralight boat is defined as any vessel with a displacement-to-length ratio of 150 or less and a PHRF handicap rating of 150 or less, such as a Hobie 33, an Olson 30 or a Soverel 33. A valid PHRF rating is required.

The Ultralight Regatta, modeled loosely on activities of the PHRF Ultralight class that has been competing in Northern California for many years, allows Chesapeake Bay ultralight sailors to compete directly against each other without having to face other higher-displacement boats with similar PHRF ratings.

"Each week, we race against boats whose overall performance may be comparable, but very different on any given race day," said Shearwater's Gary Spivack. "We seek out other ultralight boats in our fleet to compare our performance: a race within a race. [This regatta] is an opportunity to race against other ultralights without huge boats and towering sail plans complicating the issues. It is a more relaxed atmosphere to test your ability against those most like you in design and purpose."

The fleet will be split into Ultralight A and B divisions, with split to be determined prior to the warning signal at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

The regatta comes complete with a Saturday evening pool part and BYO cookout at the home of race founder Fred Arnold, who sails a Hobie 33 out of WRSC.

Entry fee is $20, and entries are due by Aug. 20. For mor information, contact Gary Spivack, (703) 742-1558 or (703) 549-0271.

More races coming

While the big-boat sailors assemble at Solomons for Yachting Race Week next week, a horde of Day Sailer sailors will be in Annapolis for the North American Championships at Severn Sailing Association.

Racing begins Monday afternoon and runs through Friday.

Six races are planned for an expected fleet of 30 to 50 of th 17-foot centerboard dinghies. Day Sailers use spinnakers but not trapezes, and were designed with comfort and stability as well as performance.

Also next week, the Cambridge Yacht Club across the bay wil play host to the Flying Dutchman National Championship, Thursday through Sunday.

This seven-race series is expected to draw some of the finest F sailors in North America. Racing begins on the Choptank River on Friday.

The Flying Dutchman is a 20-foot, high-performance centerboard dinghy known for its responsiveness to focused teamwork of skipper and crew. In breezes over 12 knots, it will readily plane to windward.

FDs have been raced in every Olympics since they wer adopted as an Olympic class for the 1960 Games, through 1992.

SSA results


Severn Sailing Association Summer Series July 10-18 Soling (6 entries): 1. Peter Gleitz, Annapolis, 3 (1-1-1-1); 2 Michael Butz, Forest Hill, 11 (2-3-2-4); 3. Tom Carrico, Arnold, 12 (3-4-3-2).

J/24 (19 entries): 1. Stewart Spettel, Alexandria, Va., 8.7 (1-2-3-3); 2. Russell Potee, Arnold, 11.75 (3-4-4-1); 3. Scott Leonard, Annapolis, 20 (6-5-7-2); 4. Benedict Capuco, Annapolis, (2-1-1-DNF); 5. Rob Kyle, Annapolis, 29 (4-3-2-DNC).

Star (8 entries, 1 race): 1. Ned Jones, King's Point, N.Y.; 2. Ji Kee, Annapolis; 3. Jonathan Bartlett, Annapolis.

Tempest (5 entries): 1. Ray O'Hara, Alexandria, Va., 2.25 (1-1-1) 2. Tom O'Hara, Alexandria, Va., 7 (2-3-2); 3. Edgar Hoyt, Annapolis, 11 (3-2-DNF).

July 17-31 Day Sailer (11 entries): 1. Jack Colwell, Bethesda, 14. 2. Ken Seamon, North Potomac, 21 (3-2-2-3-3-3-5-5); 3. Rob Bonney, Pasadena, 30 (DNC-DNC-DNC-1-1-1-1-3).

Comet (7 entries): 1. Terry Jackson, Annapolis, 9.2 (2-3-DNF-1-1-1-2); 2. Elliott Oldak, Annapolis, 14.25 (1-2-1-DNC-DNC-2-1); 3. Peter Tasi, Annapolis, 20 (5-4-DNC-2-3-3-3).

Snipe (25 entries): 1. Hawkeye Dull, Annapolis, 13. (1-3-3-2-1-2-PMS-2); 2. Eric Reinke, (address unavailable), 25.75 (DNC-1-2-3-5-7-3-5); 3. Andrew White, Chester, 30 (3-4-4-5-2-13-9-3); 4. Guy Johnson, Annapolis, 48 (6-9-5-8-6-10-11-4); 5. Peter Selby, (address unavailable), 51 (10-6-9-6-7-14-7-6).

Laser (20 entries): 1. Bob Tan, Beltsville, 15.2 (1-3-3-1-1-4-3-DNC); 2. Ted Morgan, Annapolis, 34.75 (2-4-2-DNC-DNC-3-2-1); 3. John Quay, College Park, 42 (7-7-4-8-5-5-6-DNC); 4. Cesar Brignoni, Arlington, Va., 46 (3-9-5-7-9-6-7-DNC); 5. Robb Aumiller, (address unavailable), 67 (4-2-7-5-7-DNC-DNC-DNC).

July 11-Aug. 1

Thistle (11 entries): 1. Rosemary Foltis, Annapolis, 21 (5-4-2-2-DNF-2-2-4); 2. Mark Saunders, Falls Church, Va., 21.75 (DNC-DNC-DNC-1-1-1-1-1); 3. Bill Harris, (address unavailable), 44 (9-6-7-DNC-DNC-4-3-3).

Lightning (16 entries): 1. Simeon Coxe, Annapolis, 12 (1-4-1-1-3-1-2-DNC); 2. Fred Mertes, Annapolis, 20 (2-2-5-2-6-3-4-2); 3. Phil Grotheer, Annapolis, 28 (5-6-3-6-5-2-3-4).

International 14 (8 entries): 1. Sean Smith, Arnold, 11.25 (1-3-1-RET-1-2-2-2); 2. Roger Ewart-Smith, (address unavailable), 14.5 (3-2-2-2-4-4-1-1); 3. Lou Phillips, Columbia, 205 (2-1-4-1- 2-6-6-5).

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