1 victim's son, 2nd teen held in Carroll slayings


Westminster police have charged two teen-agers, one the son of murder victim Cathryn Brace Farrar, in the stabbing deaths of Ms. Farrar and her friend George William Wahl in Ms. Farrar's apartment in Westminster.

Police filed the charges Tuesday night in District Court in Westminster and announced them yesterday, about 11 hours after the suspects were arrested at 4:15 a.m. in Jupiter, Fla.

Authorities identified the suspects as Jason Aaron DeLong, 18, who lived with his mother in the apartment at 99 Charles St., in the Bishop's Garth complex, and Sarah E. Citronia, 17, of the 1200 block of Nicodemus Road in Baltimore County. Both were charged as adults with two counts of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, manslaughter, stabbing with intent to maim and conspiracy to each of the above counts. They were jailed without bond in the Palm Beach County Jail.

The slayings were discovered Monday, but police say they believe that they occurred July 29. They are the second and third homicides in Westminster this year.

Both victims had multiple stab wounds. Police found them after neighbors reported a foul odor coming from Ms. Farrar's apartment and told police they had not seen her for several days.

Ms. Farrar was lying face down in a pool of blood in the living room and Mr. Wahl was face down in a blood-covered hallway, said a statement of charges filed here by Detective Michael Augerinos.

Investigators said that Mr. DeLong was seen at his apartment win


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dow July 29. They said that he allegedly climbed into the apartment, opened the door and called to a second person, "Get in here. We have a mess to clean up."

Police said Mr. DeLong and Ms. Citronia were seen leaving the victim's apartment and getting into Ms. Farrar's automobile, a Chevrolet Chevette that the victim had bought a month ago.

Police said that witnesses told them that Mr. DeLong had blood on his legs when he left the building, and the female with him drove the car away quickly.

Police got a break in the double homicide when a 14-year-old Reisterstown runaway was involved in a crash in St. Augustine, Fla. The boy, who was uninjured, was driving Ms. Farrar's car and had her ATM card in his possession, police said.

The ATM card had been used three times in Maryland after the murders, the charging document said.

Detained by St. John's County sheriff's deputies, the boy told authorities that Mr. DeLong and Miss Citronia were hitchhiking the 220 miles south from St. Augustine to Jupiter -- a small city along the Atlantic Ocean. He also told police of a Reisterstown man who he said could explain the use of the ATM card.

St. John's authorities and Westminster detectives sent pictures and descriptions of the two hitchhikers to Jupiter police officials, said Jupiter police Detective Robert Harbar.

Police said that Mr. DeLong previously lived in Jupiter. "It was really only a matter of time," Detective Harbar said yesterday in a telephone interview. "I mean, the kid [Mr. DeLong] is coming to his home town. He's got lots of friends in town. He's bound to show up."

Mr. DeLong and Ms. Citronia

showed up several hours after the detective circulated their descriptions. At 4:15 a.m. yesterday, Jupiter police Officer Rick Hubbard saw a man and woman hitchhiking near Interstate 95. The officer took the two into custody without incident, Detective Harbar said.

Detective Harbar said that Mr. DeLong moved to Maryland about a year ago to live with his mother. Mr. DeLong's father -- who lives in Jupiter -- has been notified about the arrest of his son, but Detective Harbar didn't know whether he had visited his son at the jail.

Attempts to reach Mr. DeLong's father were unsuccessful.

Westminster Police Chief Sam Leppo said at a news conference yesterday that Lt. Dean Brewer of his department called him from Florida about 5 a.m. to say that the suspects had been arrested. Lieutenant Brewer and Sgt. Wayne Mann were in Florida searching for the two teen-agers.

Chief Leppo said his detectives contacted Stephen Black of Reisters

town, the man allegedly named by the 14-year-old, and learned that he apparently had used Ms. Farrar's ATM card three times in the Reisterstown area.

Chief Leppo said that no charges are being filed against Mr. Black at this time. Court papers indicate that Mr. Black obtained the card from Ms. Citronia when she and Mr. DeLong went to his home July 29.

The chief said that Mr. DeLong, who allegedly had blood on his legs, was allowed to take a shower at Mr. Black's apartment after he placed a knife into a trash can on the rear porch of the Black residence.

Detective Augerinos reported that he recovered, at the Black residence, a large silver hunting knife and other articles belonging to one of the victims. Mr. Black told police that Ms. Citronia gave him Maryland license plates to put on the stolen vehicle in place of those registered to the car, court records indicated.

Chief Leppo said Ms. Farrar's tags were still on the Chevette when it crashed in Florida.

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