DREW BALDWIN, going South to Tulane University


Katrina L. "Kati" Hill, 18, a graduate of Liberty High School and a National Merit scholar, has already entered the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis to study engineering.

Her other interests are in math and science.

She is the daughter of David and Carolyn Hill of Gamber.

Interviewed last fall when she was a semifinalist in the National Merit Scholar program, Ms. Hill said, "The credit really goes to my parents, who have supported me, and all of the great teachers I've had in the Carroll County education system."

Now in the midst of "Plebe Summer," during which recruits may not receive calls, Ms. Hill was unavailable for an interview.

From her twice-weekly calls home, Carolyn Hill reported that her daughter has joined the cross-country team and the church choir.

"She's homesick, but other than that, she's having fun," Mrs. Hill said.

E7 Drew E. Baldwin, 17, "can't wait to leave" his home in Sykesville and begin the life of a college student.

He sees chemistry, physics and graduate school in his future.

The South Carroll High School graduate and National Merit scholar will be heading south to Tulane University in New Orleans this month.

"I liked Tulane's science program and the scholarship they offered me," he said.

As far as he knows, he is the only Carroll resident planning to attend Tulane, a 160-year-old university with an enrollment of 6,500.

Drew will be one of about 1,800 freshman. He said he won't feel lost in a university five times the size of his high school.

During his college search, Drew said he was most attracted to Southern schools -- even though skiing is his favorite sport.

He considered Duke University in North Carolina and Rice in Houston, before making his final decision.

He said he chose Tulane because it is strong in the sciences and business.

He would like to become an entrepreneur, seeking his fortune as an "occupational capitalist."

Luck alone didn't lead to the $87,000 in scholarships offered by colleges around the country. "I worked hard," he said.

Between classes and labs this fall, Drew plans to participate in intramural sports and may take a stab at fencing. He also will continue to pursue his interest in drama, literature and architecture.

If he ever does make his fortune, he said he knows exactly what he will do with it.

A5 "I would like to sail around the world," he said.


KATRINA L. HILL, studies engineering at Naval Academy

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