Peace mediators in GENEVA for Bosnia-Herzegovina try to reconcile Serb-Croat demands for an ethnic division and the Muslim-led government's wish for a single state. Serbian gunners ignored a cease-fire worked out by their leaders in Geneva and pounded positions on strategic Mount Zuc overlooking SARAJEVO. The shelling declined later.

In WASHINGTON, the United States and France agreed with United Nations leaders that no more attacks on U.N. forces in the former Yugoslavia should be tolerated without retaliation, the French defense minister said. Dozens of U.S. and NATO warplanes are ready to protect U.N. peacekeepers in Bosnia, but they lack precision targeting devices needed to assure that civilian areas do not get hit, military officials say.

In THE HAGUE, Netherlands, Bosnia-Herzegovina has filed an unprecedented request for a second emergency protection edict from the World Court, claiming Serbia is continuing its campaign genocide, the court announces.

An independent radio station trying to break through official propaganda that has fueled warfare in Yugoslavia resumed broadcasting from a boat in the ADRIATIC SEA after a month-long hiatus.

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