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Bids by 3 firms unsealed for emergency equipment


Sealed bids from three communications companies, interested in supplying the Carroll County Emergency Operations Center with a new mobile radio signal repeater, were opened yesterday by Tom Crum, chief of the bureau of purchasing.

The bids ranged from $4,080 to $5,248 total cost for the new mobile repeater, battery chargers and installation.

A repeater relays weak signals from emergency vehicles on call in "dead spots" where transmission is difficult.

North Carroll Communications was the apparent low bidder, with Communications Electronics submitting the highest bid.

Mr. Crum said the bids would be sent to Howard "Buddy" Redman, chief of the bureau of emergency services operations, for review of compliance with the required specifications.

Mr. Redman would then forward the bids to the county commissioners with his recommendation.

Mills Communications, the third bidder at $4,118.70, said the work could be completed in 30 days.

North Carroll Communications wanted 60 days, and Communications Electronics said the work would require 75 days.

Equipment included in the bid are a signal decoder, mobile repeater, muting device for a scanner, a portable and inside battery charger, a speaker microphone and low-band mobile radio.

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