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Youth Basketball Association taking registrations for new season WEST COUNTY--Clarksville * Highland * Glenelg * Lisbon


"I'm excited about last year, and I can't wait for the new season to start!" says Pat Nolan, one of six board members for the Western Howard County Youth Basketball Association.

In 12 years this league has evolved from a small, rural community operation co-sponsored by the county to an independent league for 1,000 children. Leaders have focused on providing programs for all children who wish to play basketball.

The league offers programs based on interest, and students have shown much interest. There are enough players to have separate age groups for all boys through age 13.

Unfortunately, 14- to 17-year-old girls have not had a program because there have not been enough players. The league wants to provide a first-rate program for the girls who like to play basketball, and it invites girls from all over the county to join them.

Mr. Nolan believes the Western League has the best program for 7-year-olds in the area. The directors expanded the program last year so the children played games instead of going to clinics.

In the games, the referees called violations on players, but instead of the usual penalties, the official asked the player why he got a whistle. After a short discussion, the player had HHTC chance to try again. Games were allowed to end in ties, and players scored often. The league diluted the competitive part of the game and focused on learning the rules and having fun.

Players are registering now for the fall and winter season. If you want to play next season, you should register by Aug. 15. This is a new registration time. Previously, students registered for this league in the fall. On Aug. 16, the fee jumps from $65 to $70.

If you are registering several children, the total fee for a family is $150. To register, fill out the green application form you received in the mail.

If you don't have a form, call (301) 854-5403 and leave a message. You may write to the league at P.O. Box 245, Glenelg, Md. 21737.


Dr. Juliana Kopec is a busy woman. As a hard-working physician, she commutes from Dayton to Washington every day. She is also the mother of four children who are doing admirable things.

In June, Jennifer graduated from St. Mary's College as the school's only biology major with honors. Jennifer wants to go into nursing, so she will attend Howard Community College in the fall to take prerequisites for nursing school. She will apply to the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Meanwhile, Jennifer is looking for a job.

John, a chemistry major at St. Mary's, is a dean's list student going into his senior year. He's currently spending two weeks in Trinidad. John enjoyed his sociology course last year so much that he is considering a double major in sociology and chemistry at St. Mary's.

Michael graduated in June from St. Anselm's and will attend St. Mary's in the fall, hoping to do as well as his older siblings.

Matthew will attend St. Anselm's as a sophomore in the fall and will complete his fourth year of Latin and his third year of French. When he is a junior, he'll start Spanish. He participated in wrestling this year and hopes to wrestle and play basketball and baseball next year. Mike and Matt formerly attended St. Louis School in Clarksville and still enjoy the company of their St. Louis friends.

Of course, Dr. Kopec is proud of her children. Wouldn't you be?


Mount View Middle School principal Marion Payne and her secretary Nancy Kraft moved into the new school building at the beginning of the month. With just one month to go, Mrs. Payne is eager to begin the school year. Mrs. Payne is a veteran educator, who is full of energy. She lives her job and loves to work with children.

Mrs. Payne received her bachelor of science degree in elementary education from Virginia State University. She earned her master's degree from Howard University and a certificate of advanced study and administrative credentials from Loyola College.

For 26 years, Mrs. Payne has been a teacher and administrator in Washington at the American School of Isfahan in Iran, and in Howard County. She was assistant principal and principal at Owen Brown Middle School.

As a member of the board of trustees of the National Middle School Association, Mrs. Payne serves as an advocate for the promotion of programs for young adolescents. She speaks at many seminars, workshops and conferences on these youngsters' needs. She spends her leisure time reading and playing tennis. Mrs. Payne has two sons, 17 and 23. Her husband is principal of Stevens Forest Elementary School in Columbia.


Michigan to New Mexico to Maryland is the path that brought Doug and Jo Lynn Minnema to Dayton recently. They moved here so Mr. Minnema could do a two-year project at the Department of Energy in Germantown. Their daughter, Lindsay,

8, will attend third grade at Bushy Park Elementary School. Robert was 3 last Saturday and will go to nursery school in September.


Gerry and Sadie Barker of Dayton moved to Boca Raton, Fla. earlier this month. The Barkers came here from England seven years ago. Gerry has taken a new job as an administrator of several Sunrise retirement homes in Florida. Their new address is The Sunrise Atrium, 1080 Northwest Fifteenth St., The zip code is 33486.


The Senior Group of the St. Louis Catholic Church Catholic Youth Ministry is taking a day just for fun Wednesday. They will go to Ocean City early in the morning for a full day of sun and surf.

On Aug. 7, the junior and senior groups of the CYM will share a daylong pool party and cookout.

For months many CYM members have been anticipating an event which takes place Aug. 10 to Aug. 16. It's the World Day of Youth in Denver, Colo. Several hundred thousand young Catholics from all over the world will make a pilgrimage to Denver to see Pope John Paul II. Call Chuck Wible at 531-6668 for more information.

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