Union Bridge ready to wring the bark out of old laws


Some Union Bridge laws enacted to deal with nuisances appear to have more bite than bark -- especially one dealing with dogs.

"I mean, there's something in here that says we can kill a dog for barking," Mayor Perry L. Jones Jr. told the Town Council during last night's monthly meeting. "There are some things in here we need to look into."

The Union Bridge Town Council agreed last night to review and update all the town's long-standing "nuisance" ordinances.

Town Attorney John T. Maguire III was particularly concerned with the laws governing owner responsibility for dogs.

Mr. Maguire said the county's animal-control ordinance, which the town adopted several years ago, contained all the restrictions that the town needed without being as repetitive and confusing as the town ordinances.

"There is quite a bit of conflict, especially with the dogs," Mr. Maguire said of the town laws.

"You could probably get rid of all of them and still have a pretty detailed ordinance following the county laws."

Mayor Jones said the council needs to have strong animal-control laws to deal with a recent problem concerning two pit bulls.

The owner, Mr. Jones said, has allowed the dogs to run loose at night without supervision.

"I keep my dog in the fence and I expect others to do the same, especially with a breed like a pit bull, which is temperamental," said Council President Bret Grossnickle.

The mayor and Town Council asked Mr. Maguire to contact the county officials who oversee animal control and request they take immediate action against the owner of the pit bulls.

In other business, the council voted to apply to the Federal Communications Commission to be included in a group that will have input on regulating cable television in Carroll County.

The Town Council also voted to help pay fees for an attorney to interpret the complicated material dealing with the cable regulations.

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