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Residents want access road built for new homes

Two South Carroll residents gave the County Commissioners a petition with 310 signatures yesterday concerning the proposed 99-home Belt Farm subdivision.

The 310 signatures represent 162 households, or about 75 percent of the Linton Springs community, said Rebecca Davieau and Joseph H. Mettle, members of the Linton Springs Civic Association.

Residents don't want to share Linton Road -- their only access to Liberty Road -- with the motorists who will live in Belt Farm. Residents say more vehicles on Linton Road will make the narrow, curvy road more dangerous.

The residents want the county to ask the developer to build a road to connect to Bartholow Road, which leads to Liberty Road, instead of building a road than connects to Linton Road.

Robert A. "Max" Bair, the commissioner's executive assistant, said the county Planning Commission has the final say about where a road will be built.

The commissioners will pass the petition to the Planning Commission, Commissioner Julia W. Gouge said.


* Sykesville: An auto fire on Raincliffe Road reported at 8:33 p.m. Sunday kept the Sykesville volunteer firefighters out for 45 minutes.

Sykesville responded to a fire alarm on Parliament Place at 11:05 a.m. Saturday. Units were out for 15 minutes.

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