Travanti's back in uniform, but don't expect Capt. Furillo TURNED ON IN L.A. -- Fall Preview


LOS ANGELES -- Daniel J. Travanti plays a big-city cop on ABC's "Missing Persons" this fall. But he wants viewers to know it won't be the return of Capt. Furillo, the character he played on "Hill Street Blues." "If they're hoping to see that other guy, they're not going to -- they're going to be disappointed," Travanti says. "One of the things that attracted to me to this script immediately was that he wasn't that other guy. I said to the producers, "I will not play that other fellow.' " The rather tightly wound Travanti repeatedly referred to Furillo as "that other guy" and "that other fellow," never once naming the officer he played for seven years on "Hill Street." Travanti says he was not happy at "Hill Street" toward the end. "I've not talked about this . . . but I thought my work and my character were being slighted greatly."

Would he work with Steven Bochco again? "I don't think I'd want to do another thing with Steven."

Brinkley on the road

Look for the Washington-based ABC News show, "This Week With David Brinkley," to be on the road more often.

"There's talk about us going to Denver when the Pope's there," Brinkley said following a telecast here yesterday.

producer David Glodt said. "We think it's important to take the show outside the Beltway," producer David Glodt said.

It's . . . politically correct!

Producer Deborah Joy LeVine says the Superman viewers see this fall in ABC's "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" will not be the one some remember. LeVine says she's "skewing the Superman myth" to make it a "show for the '90s."

No more changing in a phone booth. No more patronizing Lois Lane. Instead of "great Caesar's ghost," Daily Planet Editor Perry White now says "great shades of Elvis." But Levine says she'll remain true to the DC Comics version of Superman in most respects except one: In the comics, Superman has already died. "Superman did die, but he's coming back," LeVine says.

For 13 episodes, anyway.

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