Burglar may have left drawing on wall of house

A burglar who broke into a Glen Burnie home under construction last week may have left a telltale sign behind: a drawing with his name signed to it.

Police aren't yet sure if the picture of a cartoon character actually was drawn by the suspect -- "We don't believe he would do that," a sergeant said -- but authorities are looking to question the artist.

"It is strange," said Sgt. Joseph M. Campbell, of the Northern District station. "Because of the way it's drawn, it's hard to figure out what it is. It looks like it started out as a doodle and then became a picture."

The sergeant said it resembles the face of the Saturday morning cartoon character the "Tasmanian devil."

Police said someone broke into the home in the first block of Brook Terrace Road between Sunday and Tuesday. Reported stolen was a weed cutter valued at $100. The burglar also destroyed a porcelain toilet valued at $100 and ruined ceramic tiles valued at $25, police said.

Sergeant Campbell said investigating Officer Charles Knight found an 8 1/2 -by-11 sheet of notebook paper glued to a wall. The drawing was on the piece of paper, which Sergeant Campbell said appeared worn.

The sergeant said the suspect may have simply found the drawing and glued it to the wall.

Police said that as of Friday, no arrests had been made and the man who signed his name to the bottom of the picture had not been found.

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