Seychelles in the Indian Ocean are known for beaches and rare flora and fauna


Q: I am interested in going to the Seychelles Islands. Where I can get travel information? I also need to know about beaches.

A: The Seychelles, a group of 100 islands in the Indian Ocean a thousand miles east of Tanzania and 700 miles northeast of Madagascar, are known for their beaches, fishing and diving as well as for their rare flora and fauna.

Since there is no nonstop service from the United States, your flight is likely to stop in Europe, probably at Gatwick in England, a popular jumping-off point for Mahe, the islands' political and economic center.

To save $1,249 over the cost of a British Airways ticket for New York to Mahe Island and back (which comes to $3,280), you can buy two separate round-trip tickets on British Airways: one New York-Gatwick ($559) and one Gatwick-Mahe Island ($1,472), for a total of $2,031.

Among the more outstanding beaches on Mahe are Beau Vallon, a two-mile crescent of soft, white sand; Grand'Anse, whose six-foot waves are well suited for the body surfer, and the calm Anse a la Mouche. For an especially memorable beach, you will want to try the solitude of Anse Lazio on the northern coast of Praslin.

More information: Seychelles Tourist Office, 820 Second Ave., Suite 900F, New York, N.Y. 10017; (212) 687-9766, fax (212) 922-9177.

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