Editorial Criticizing Rep. Bartlett Wasn't Fair


I take special satisfaction, being a former Baltimorean who moved to Frederick County nearly 20 years ago, in sending you this letter which is an appreciation of your recent editorial (June 29) about Rep. Roscoe Bartlett of the 6th District.

You rightly note that Congressman Bartlett is a freshman congressman who does not have the well-oiled political machine that his opponents have enjoyed for too long in Maryland. You further endorse his good character by referring to him as a high-profile, outspoken conservative whom Democrats delight in criticizing. You certify that Congressman Bartlett's congressional votes are in keeping with the political views of much of his district and that he holds fast to his views with little regard to his tenure in Congress.

You say, "Such sentiment in that institution is rare."

I say, here is a political leader of substance. When comes such another? . . .

John L. O'Neill



I am responding with rage to your editorial, wherein you brutally attack Rep. Roscoe Bartlett and his friend and aide, Tim Woodford. I have discussed this trash-filled editorial with friends who know Roscoe Bartlett and Tim Woodford. They join with me in wondering if you inserted the wrong names in this editorial.

How dare you suggest that the Democrats would do anything but attack Bartlett? How dare you suggest that loyal Republicans are deserting him? How dare you refer to my congressman as a buffoon? How dare you dismiss Tim Woodford as some low-life who displays inappropriate behavior and has no management skills?

The two men I know are deeply committed to the people of the 6th District. Mr. Woodford has been a manager most of his adult life and has been professionally very successful. Until he ran across the power-mad previous Hill staffers, there was never a hint of impropriety associated with him. I find it unbelievable that accusations -- never proven and even denounced by the other staffers in the same office -- are still dragged out, attached to him and printed in your paper. Mr. Woodford is a fine man, married 22 years to the same woman, a leader in the business and the political communities of the 6th District. Many Republicans owe him large debts of gratitude for the time and enthusiasm he contributed to their campaigns.

E5 As for our congressman, I am proud to know him as well. He and his wife are well liked in our district and, more to the point, they are trusted as one of us. His voting record is very reflective of the values and beliefs of the 6th District. Congressman Bartlett is a man of substance in all the things that matter: honesty, integrity and a sense of purpose. He is my congressman and that makes me proud. Your editorial is truly a travesty. . . .

Debra G. Clem



In response to your recent editorial concerning Rep. Roscoe Bartlett of the 6th Congressional District, I would like to take this opportunity to inform your readers what Dr. Bartlett's constituents really think of him.

We perceive Congressman Bartlett to be sincere, genuine, kind, intelligent and honest. If we wanted a polished politician, we would have elected one. We got what we wanted -- someone to represent us, those folks west of the Beltway, and we are very proud of him. If you don't believe me, attend your Christian Coalition meeting and call Dr. Bartlett a buffoon in front of us. We will tell you to your face how pleased we are with our congressman and his voting record.

Novella A. Pfeiffer


The writer is communications director of the Christian Coalition of Maryland.


I am writing in response to your recent editorial attacking my congressman, Roscoe G. Bartlett. . . . It is relatively unimportant to us how the newspapers choose to portray him when it comes to the minutiae that they continually drag up. It is, however, very important to us when such portrayals are so blatantly false. . . .

Congressman Bartlett has not disappointed me in his official role as my representative; Dr. Bartlett has not disappointed me in the way he conducts his personal life and holds fast to his belief system. I cannot imagine what more any of us could ask. I'm proud he represents me, I support him and will continue to support him.

Your paper acted hastily and I recommend you repent the same way by writing another editorial more reflective of the true picture in Maryland's 6th District.

Robert F. Tansey


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