FBI seeks 3 in Salisbury bank robbery Baltimore cab fare paid from the loot


The FBI is looking for a man charged with being one of three people who robbed a Salisbury bank June 22, then returned to Baltimore via taxicab, paying for the 120-mile ride with $160 from the loot.

Kenneth Witherspoon, 36, of the 5100 block of Pembridge Ave. in Baltimore, is charged in a federal warrant with bank robbery, the FBI said.

He is believed to have been the gunman who stood lookout while amale accomplice grabbed about $4,900 in cash bundles from teller windows at the Maryland National Bank on Main Street. The two ran outside to a stolen Cadillac where a woman was waiting, but a dye pack in the money exploded, staining many of the bills, the FBI said.

A federal affidavit alleges that the trio ditched the Cadillac and walked to an Ames department store on U.S. 50, where they bought new clothes to replace their dye-stained garments, paying with the stained bills.

The three called for a cab and a driver from Gene's Taxi picked them up at the store, the affidavit said. For an upfront fare of $160, the driver took them to Baltimore. When they reached the Nike Shoe Outlet on U.S. 50, the three stopped and bought $600 worth of shoes and sports apparel, the FBI said.

The cabbie dropped the three off in the Pimlico area of Northwest Baltimore and returned to Salisbury.

An informant's tip led the FBI to believe that Mr. Witherspoon, whohas a criminal record that includes armed robbery, bank robbery and possession of handguns, was involved in the crime. Fingerprints taken from the Cadillac and taxicab matched his prints, the FBI said.

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