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Around the house*Repel scum and mineral buildup...


Around the house

*Repel scum and mineral buildup in the bathtub and shower areas. Buff tub, ceramic tile, and shower door with furniture polish or car wax. Do not apply to the floor of the tub or shower area.

*Do not clean cat litter box with bleach. The combination of residual ammonia from the cat's urine and bleach can create hazardous fumes. Instead, clean box with soapy water and dry outdoors in the sun.

*Vacuum computer keyboard regularly with a soft brush attachment. If particles become lodged between keys, turn over keyboard and pat it sharply from behind keys.

*Dampen dustpan before sweeping dirt into it. This will prevent fine particles from drifting out onto the floor again.

*When moving around furniture in order to clean, place a paper plate beneath each leg. This will allow tables and chairs to slide more easily.

*If, while preparing a special recipe, your measuring cup is soiled or is already filled with an ingredient, try using an ice cream scooper as a measurer. Most scoops hold 1/3 cup.

In the garden

*Store garden tools in bucket of sand to prevent rust. Periodically, rub oil or spray silicone lubricant onto metal parts and wooden handles.

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