Jets recall the score: 25 and gone


The New York Jets are preparing a series of elaborate festivities to mark the 25th anniversary of their momentous triumph over the you-know-whoms in Super Bowl III. Omly trouble is, such activity usually leads to fans checking out the record of the team in the ensuing seasons, and the club comes up wanting with only a half-dozen winning seasons and a 146-196 record during the past 24 campaigns. Of course, the parties of the second part have been worse most of the time.


* Heading into the U.S. Women's Open this weekend at Crooked Stick, the golf course John Daly made famous, no fewer than 36 of the LPGA Tour regulars have banked $100,000 this year. Meanwhile, 50 PGA Tour regulars have gone past the figure. Not bad.

* Who can blame Lennox Lewis for allegedly passing up an $11 million guarantee to meet Riddick Bowe in the heavyweight title reunification bout when Bowe's take would come to nearly twice that much? Besides, Lewis has a couple of lucrative fights


scheduled in his immediate future and Riddick has nada.

* Heading into the Newsweek Tennis Classic, currently playing playing Rock Creek Park in Washington, Andre Agassi stood just 50th on the ATP money list with $205,000. Weep not for the lad, however, all told he'll make $8 million this year.

* Consistently and with no designated hitter rule, National League managers used three-four-five pitchers per game. Which begs the question, would you want to risk victory to all those people as opposed to a guy you trust enough to start?

* I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to think Cincinnati (1-9) is in danger of not making the Arnea Football playoffs.

* How come it took the Tampa Bay Lightning two years to change their home site from the 10,400-seat Expo Hall to the 28,000-seat Suncoast Dome, no one catch the discrepancy?

* The 100-meter sprint calling for Carl Lewis and Linford Christie to collect $150,000 guarantees at Gateshead, England, July 30 is being billed as a "long-awaited race." By whom?

* To point out that the early-season schedule of the Bullets is loaded with games against, uh, lousy teams skips over the fact that Washington cruised to a 22-60 record last winter. And has lost at least 50 games each of the past four seasons.

* No, that's no misprint, the bullpen of the New York Mets has recorded only nine saves at this point.


* While the Braves, Marlins, Dodgers and Rockies are averaging anywhere from 40,000 to 57,000 per home game, the Expos, Padres and Pirates are stumbling along in the 20,000 range, and are small markets to boot. Which should temper some of claims by the ballplayer's association that (all) owners are raking in the dough.

* This year, Greg Norman has posted a whopping 57 percent of his rounds in the 60s (24-for-42). No wonder he has won two tournaments, including last weekend's British Open.

* Can you believe Manute Bol and a cousin took on four Marines in a Nairobi, Kenya, watering hole because one of the "jarheads" made an uncomplimentary remark about Bol's height (7-7)? Like Manute hasn't heard every version of "how's the weather up there?" by now.

* Imagine losing a three-game series, 23-12, 18-3 and 11-1, as Las Vegas of the Pacific Coast League did recently. Pitchers for San Diego's Triple-A affiliate scattered 75 hits in that stretch.

* Viewing Gregg Olson's ability as a sticker, now you know why it took the Orioles something like 3,333 regular-season games before finally sending a pitcher up to the dish.

* Three national publications have the Maryland football team finishing 7-8-8 in the nine-team Atlantic Coast Conference.


* Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of amateur sports competition probably knew full well that the World University Games would not turn on the masses in Buffalo in July. Organizers are lucky they're taking just a $5 million bath.

* While Dave Stockton was finishing up the track at the U.S. Senior Open (tied for 30th) last week, Dave Jr. was 13-under par for 54 holes while winning the Hawkeye Open on the Nike Tour. OK, you can have the car, but put gas in it.

* A lad named Toto Pol Polgsawang of Thailand challenges for the WBC strawweight title August 19, and he will bring a 4-0 record into the ring. Anybody heard from Pete Radamacher lately?

* Hey, second place ain't so bad.