Boys charged in robbery of woman at her home Police say victim, 70, was terrorized


Two boys have been charged with breaking into the home of a 70-year-old Brooklyn Park neighbor and terrorizing her three times this month, once allegedly overturning her rocking chair as she sat in it.

The boys, 12 and 16 years old, were arrested Saturday and released to their parents. The youths are charged as juveniles with six counts each of robbery, and one count of burglary.

Police learned of the attacks after a woman told an officer patrolling Southview Shopping Center that she overheard an elderly woman in Augie's Diner and Ice Cream Parlor talk of being robbed several times, said Officer Terry Crowe, Anne Arundel County police spokesman.

Officer Samuel Sweet of the Northern District went to the diner and talked to the woman, who lives on Hammonds Lane. She told him four boys had banged and kicked on her front door several times, and she let them in because she was "afraid they were going to kill her," Officer Crowe said.

"They pounded on the door and I figured during the day, who would

bother me," the woman said yesterday during an interview in her home. "So I let them in."

She told police that on the weekend of July 3, the boys came to her house and demanded money. They are accused of taking several hundred dollars before they left, Officer Crowe said.

The woman told police that during the weekend of July 10, they walked in through an unlocked door while she was sitting in her rocking chair. The boys are accused of overturning the rocking chair, throwing her to the ground, and taking several hundred dollars more, Officer Crowe said.

"He [one of the boys] told me I had better sit down in the rocking chair, so I did," the woman said. "And he pushed that chair so hard it flew out from under me just like a baby's diaper."

She said they tore her house dress as they grabbed money from her pocket and threw her eyeglasses across the room.

The woman, who lives alone with three dogs, said she did not call police because she was afraid.

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ey, and it was quite a pile," she said. "I always keep money in my pockets."

Another time, she said she was asleep in her bed when she heard noises in the house.

When she woke up, she found more money missing from her purse, Officer Crowe said.

Officer Crowe said that the day before the boys were arrested, rocks were thrown through the woman's living room window.

"I think they did that to get even with me," the woman said. "Because that time I did not want to let them in the house."

Witnesses told police that they overheard the boys talking about dressing up in black suits and going to rob the "old lady," Officer Crowe

said. The witnesses identified the suspects, he said.

The two boys were arrested at their homes and police expect to make two more arrests, Officer Crowe said.

Frances Pay, who lives next door to the victim, was unaware of the robberies.

She said her neighbor has been living without electricity for about six months.

"She seemed all right when she first moved in about three years ago," Mrs. Pay said. "But she didn't want to stay, and she never unpacked her boxes. She kept talking about going to West Virginia."

Officer Crowe said police notified the county Department of Aging about the woman's living conditions.

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