Will Sajak take spin with Orioles?


NOTEworthy Day:

There's a chance Pat Sajak, the "Wheel of Fortune" host whose wife lives in the Annapolis area, will be the newest show biz name to join the Peter Angelos group in its quest to buy the Baltimore Orioles. He's considering the invitation.

In Locust Grove, Va., west of Fredericksburg, there's a new public golf course called Meadow Farms that has one of the longest holes anywhere -- an 841-yard, par 6. . . . Baltimore's playing host to the All-Star Game brought a personal reminder of 1958 when the publisher told us to escort the late William Randolph Hearst Jr., editor in chief, to Memorial Stadium and spend the day with him, a frightening thought for a peon sportswriter, but the man never let his authority get in the way of being considerate to others -- the mark of a gentleman.

TC Parents may like to know more than 100,000 athletic scholarships are available annually to male and female high school and junior college students, according to the National Sports Foundation in Oakhurst, N.J., which can provide details. . . . Outdated bumper sticker on Ritchie Highway: "Sign Cal Now." . . . We'd like to see the National Football League prohibit receivers from wearing "tacky" gloves unless the temperature is at freezing or below. . . . Add Sam Winik to the all-time "nice guy" team. . . . Pimlico hired a winner in new general manager John Mooney, who has Charley Eckman as one of his loyal boosters.

Insightful words from Pete Rose -- "Playing baseball for a living is like having a license to steal." . . . When Bill Stetka Sr. made his debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates' farm at Hornell in the PONY League, he walked, then stole second, third and home, on his own, much to the consternation of manager Bob Scheffing. . . . Ex-Oriole and St. Louis Brown Vernon Pete "Turkey" Taylor is a deserving nominee to Anne Arundel County's Athletic Hall of Fame.

When Ben Chapman died, Afro-American sports editor Sam Lacy wrote: "If you cannot speak well of the dead, speak not at all," but he was being kind, since those involved in baseball knew Chapman as an avowed racist. And if you need a witness, ask Lou Grasmick, who pitched for him with the Philadelphia Phils. . . . Long forgotten fact is before 1938 a golfer could carry any number of clubs in his bag; the present rule allows no more than 14.

Baltimorean Tom Scott, former Virginia football All-American, 12 years in the NFL and a member of the Maryland Athletic Hall of Fame, is considering retirement from the insurance industry and taking up residence at the Landfall Country Club near Wilmington, N.C. . . . Bobby Moran, a member of the PGA for 29 years, is giving golf lessons at the Churchville driving range on Route 22. . . . The Council of Colt Corrals presented a $1,200 gift to the Cancer Support Group of Baltimore and made a contribution to Lou Michaels' charity golf tournament in Swoyersville, Pa.

Bob Blatchley puts Bugle Field ahead of either Memorial Stadium or Oriole Park at Camden Yards as the best pure baseball playing facility Baltimore ever had. . . . Jim Lehew, a submarine pitcher the Orioles' organization had 30 years before Todd Frohwirth arrived on the scene, is working at the Preston trucking terminal in Glen Burnie. . . . Prior to the Cincinnati Reds hiring manager Dave Johnson, the Boston Red Sox considered him as a replacement for Butch Hobson, who survived to have his contract renewed for next year.

Check the dock area in Nantucket, count the yachts and you'd never believe the country was ever in a recession. . . . If you want to recognize a man who has always been a Baltimore football booster, then drop a cheer-up card or note to Jim Finks, who's retiring as the New Orleans Saints GM to concentrate on fighting lung cancer. . . . Tom Matte would like to turn his Monday evening 6 to 7 p.m., sports show from McCafferty's in Mount Washington to five times a week. . . . Cal Ripken believes the Orioles are good enough to win the division even if they all don't play to their potential. . . . Baseball intended the pitching distance to be 60 feet, but a mistake in measuring added the other six inches.

The Lacrosse Times, with offices in Centreville and edited by Daniel Bunch, begins publication in September. . . . New York Mets are hoping some club takes Frank Tanana off their hands, but if the Orioles dealt for him, it would be another change-of-speeds pitcher to go with Fernando Valenzuela and Jamie Moyer, which would be one soft-tosser too many. . . . You're getting to be a "young old-timer" if you remember Baltimore as a nickel baseball city -- a nickel for a seat in the Oriole Park bleachers, a nickel for a Milkmax candy bar and a nickel to ride the street car.

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