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Finksburg massage parlor raided 3 women held on prostitution charges; man faces drug counts, may be deported


Three women were being held on prostitution charges and a man was being held on drug charges following a police raid Friday night on Sunn Express, Inc., a Finksburg massage parlor.

The raid was carried out by a combined force of Maryland State Police, Howard County police, members of the Carroll County State's Attorney's Office and members of the Carroll County Drug Task Force.

According to police documents, earlier in the week, a confidential informant who had been provided with $140 walked into Sunn Express and emerged 31 minutes later. He told police he had had a massage, followed by intercourse with an employee of the massage parlor, for $100.

"That's the only way you can do it," Assistant State's Attorney Bart Walker 3rd said of the use of the confidential informant.

Tae Sun Brock, 38, of 23 Enchanted Hills Road in Reisterstown, and Candy Doe, alias Miyon Y. Heil, 33, whose address was listed as Sunn Express Inc., were charged with engaging in prostitution. Both were being held yesterday on $25,000 bond at the Carroll County Detention Center.

Sun Cha Yun, 37, also of 23 Enchanted Hills Road, who identified herself to police as the manager of Sunn Express, was charged with keeping a bawdyhouse and related charges.

She was being held yesterday on $50,000 bond at the Carroll County Detention Center.

Byorg Ho Son, of New York City, was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, and with possession of drug paraphernalia. He was being held yesterday on $100,000 bond at the Carroll County Detention Center.

Mr. Walker said an investigation into activities at Sunn Express had been going on for several months, and "is still going on."

The raid started at about 9 p.m. Friday night, when seven members of a special tactics unit entered the building and secured it, said Tfc. John Wisniewski of the Maryland State Police in Westminster.

When the building was deemed safe, 10 to 15 officers began a search, he said.

Police records indicate that about $5,000 in cash was seized. Mr. Walker said "a small amount" of drugs was found in the Sunn Express office.

During the raid, according to police reports, police encountered "a male customer" who told them he had intercourse with Ms. Brock for $110.

Mr. Walker said yesterday that the customer has not been charged, but that the investigation is continuing.

Records show that the searchers also found "records of transactions of customers which were served by the female employees," allegedly detailing several types of sexual activity.

According to the records, Mr. Son arrived at Sunn Express while the search was in progress, at about 10:30 p.m. As he was being searched by police, he allegedly dropped two tin-foil packets containing about 1/4 -ounce of cocaine. He was carrying $554 in cash.

Court records show that the Immigration and Naturalization Service has started an investigation to see whether Mr. Son, a Korean national, is subject to deportation.

Mr. Walker said the INS is also looking into the status of the other people arrested.

In March, Carroll County State's Attorney Thomas E. Hickman spoke at a hearing of the Maryland House Economic Affairs Committee in support of a bill that would allow the Carroll County commissioners to regulate, and eventually outlaw, massage parlors in the county.

After that hearing, Mr. Hickman said that if the law were in effect, "our law enforcement people won't have to go in and commit illicit acts in order to detect crimes."

Yesterday, Mr. Walker said the bill had passed, but does not take effect until Oct. 1.

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