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On the bay, bluefish aren't tough to catch up with


"Have you ever noticed that you don't really catch a bluefish," I gasped as my rod bent under the pressure of a 3-pounder, "but rather that they catch you?"

Tom Campbell, however, was too busy attempting to tame his own finned wildcat to answer back under the heat of last Sunday's sun while we fished aboard Capt. Eddie Davis' Edith Rose. In fact, Capt. Eddie was the only one on board who didn't have his hands full of bucking rod and that was because he was too busy helping us unhook the gunmetal blue savages so that we could get a lure back into action.

I had talked to Davis earlier in the week and he assured me that "the fishing down here in this lower Bay area is really popping. We can hardly keep the breaking blues out of the boat, while in the meantime, the bottom fishing is going crazy."

That was enough for me to make the two-hour drive from Westminster to Davis' dock near Ridge, in southern Maryland. In addition to Campbell, we had Bill and Joanne Kamsier, Joel Buschek, Ed Herbrechtsmeier and Gary Thorne on board. Like most groups who get a taste of Eddie Davis' charter business, this one is a regular.

"Oh, we fish with Eddie at least once a month beginning in April and

continuing right through early winter," Ed told me.

This is a very serious fishing group. Kamsier, for example, had just returned from Alaska where he had caught a 70-pound fluke, which didn't particularly impress Capt. Eddie, who noted, "shoot, I catch flounder bigger than that all the time around here!"

The morning began slow as we worked a chum line for blues with limited success in an area that had been producing all week. After an hour with only the occasional fish to show for the effort, Davis moved us to within sight of the Target Ship and we rigged for bottom fishing.

Moments later our double hook rigs were being hit by nice keeper trout (a couple in the 2- to 3-pound class), hardheads and big flounder. I was using the heaviest outfit of the bunch a general purpose, seven-foot, medium-heavy action graphite Berkley spinning rod teamed with a Daiwa G2600 reel loaded with 15-pound test mono.

About 2 in the afternoon, Capt. Stevie Davis, who also had a party in

the same area radioed that blues were breaking not far from his location. The Edith Rose wasted no time getting there.

We fished that big school of breaking blues on and off for nearly two hours by casting a combination of flashy spoons and Rattle Traps.

Fishing update

Sharp's Island Light, Cook Point, the Choptank River Fishing Pier and the mouth of Eastern Bay are producing decent number of spot and croaker, and you can still hook a big black drum by running over to the Stone Rock and Poplar Island. A few two-pound class blues are being caught at the mouth of the Severn River and Gum Thickets.

Not enough flounder action to mention in the middle bay area at this time, but loads of them in Ocean City. Best spots in O.C. have been the Inlet, the Convention Center channel using cut squid or minnows.

Also, nice six- to eight-pound trout (weakfish) are being taken off O.C.'s North Jetty and Route 50 Bridge, especially at night.

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