From The Sun July 18-July 24, 1843July...


From The Sun July 18-July 24, 1843

July 18: An elegant house two stories high, with attic, is just about to be completed in Monument Street, near Park, belonging to Mr. Edward Green.

July 20: Mr. Ridgely, of Hays, Zell & Ridgely, returned last evening from Harrisburg, having in custody Archibald Smith, a ,, free Negro, charged with enticing away the slaves of Richard Emery Esq., of Baltimore County.

July 24: The Watchman Fire Company will attend to laying the corner stone of their new engine house in Light Street near Lee, this afternoon at 5 o'clock.

From The Sun July 18-July 24, 1893

July 18: The new Claremont abattoir was thrown open yesterday for inspection. Governor Brown, Mayor Latrobe and a large number of Baltimore butchers and cattle-dealers were among the visitors.

July 19: The site for the new City College will be at the east corner of Brevard and Dolphin streets if the present plans are not changed. This is one of the three parts of the Bolton lots retained

by the city.

From The Sun July 18-July 24, 1943

July 19: Sydney Greenstreet, the screen's fattest and most formidable menace, is on the loose again in "Background to Danger," now at the Stanley Theater.

July 21: Tons of captured German and Italian war materiel, sand-encrusted but otherwise bearing few battle scars, are arriving in this country from North Africa for tests at the Aberdeen proving ground.

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