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The presidents of Serbia and Croatia, meeting in GENEVA, repeated demands that Bosnia's government accept their peace plan to divide Bosnia into confederated ethnic mini-states, but said they will not split up the country between them.

In SARAJEVO, Bosnia's collective presidency conditionally agreed to attend a new round of peace talks in Geneva, but demanded an end to military offensives and the return of hundreds of thousands of refugees to their homes. Natural gas was restored to Sarajevo after U.N. repair crews fixed two leaks, enabling residents to cook normally. But most of the Bosnian capital remained without running water and electricity.

On the battlefront, government troops apparently won a rare victory and took FOJNICA, 28 miles west of Sarajevo.

In SKOPJE, Macedonia, about half of the 300 U.S. Army troops sent to Macedonia this month began training for U.N. peacekeeping duties under the tutelage of a Scandinavian commander.

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