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Around the house* Smooth out caulking around...


Around the house

* Smooth out caulking around windows, tubs and sinks by rubbing an ice cube over caulking seams.

* Remove cat hair from upholstery with a damp squeegee.

* When grilling outdoors, use separate plates for carrying raw and cooked meats. Raw juices can contaminate cooked food.

* Hair spray will remove stains on hands from felt-tipped markers.

* Buff kitchen counter tops weekly with a soft cloth that has been dipped in lemon oil. This will help preserve the finish and will maintain a shiny surface.

* Dust TV screen with a fabric softener sheet. Never spray with a cleaner, which could leak into the internal parts and cause damage.

* When traveling, save complimentary shower caps from hotels. They can be used as drip-catchers for hanging plants.

* Perk up a picnic table and recycle old sheets by making napkins from printed sheets and pillow cases. No sewing necessary if you cut out 12-inch squares with pinking shears.

In the garden

* When snipping flowers from thorny plants such as roses, avoid stabbing fingers by holding stems with a spring clothespin.

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