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Man acquitted, faces 2 more sex abuse trials 12-year-old girl, two aunts have made allegations


Fresh from an acquittal Wednesday on three sexual abuse charges, a Carroll truck driver faces another jury July 26 and yet another in September in separate trials involving separate incidents.

A jury found the man innocent of second- and third-degree sexual offenses and unnatural and perverted sexual practice Wednesday after two days of testimony and an hour of deliberation.

"There were contradictions throughout in terms of the statements made by the victim," said Patrick Maher of Towson, the defendant's lawyer.

The Sun is withholding the defendant's name to protect the privacy of the accusers.

Mr. Maher said he was not surprised by the swift verdict.

This week's trial was on allegations by a 12-year-old girl that the man sexually abused her around Easter 1988 or 1989, when she was 7 or 8. She first revealed the alleged abuse when she was 11, telling two friends.

Soon afterward, the girl's two aunts, now in their 20s, alleged that the same man also had sexually abused them.

The girl's grandparents live next door to the defendant.

Mr. Maher succeeded in getting each of the three cases tried separately.

"I was afraid he would not get a fair trial with the three of them together," Mr. Maher said. This way, he said, "you get a fair, individual trial for each one."

In January, a jury acquitted the man on two counts of third-degree sexual offense but deadlocked on a charge of second-degree sexual offense and a charge of unnatural and perverted practices.

In that case, the alleged victim was one of the aunts.

The state is still pursuing the two charges on which the jury deadlocked. The trial July 26 could be on those charges or on charges in the case involving the other aunt.

The decision will be up to Deputy State's Attorney Edward M. Ulsch, who was not in the office yesterday, officials said.

Mr. Maher said that he expects the trial July 26 to be on the two charges left over from the earlier trial and that the case involving the other aunt will be tried in September.

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