Manchester raises fees for water, sewer hookup


The Manchester Town Council voted last night to raise water and sewer connection charges for new homes, and to make new residences subject to new safety and parks services charges.

The changes were made retroactive to July 1.

The charge for hooking up to the sewer system will rise from $1,500 to $1,750.

The charge for joining the town's water system will also grow from $1,500 to $1,750.

The water connection charge will be higher for buildings, such as nursing homes, that require larger-than-average water meters.

Councilman John A. Riley asked the council to delete a provision of the connection-fees ordinance that would have allowed the $2,950 total to be paid over four years, with a $50 administration charge added.

He said a provision in the Manchester town charter already allows the council to use loans to spread the cost of such charges over an extended period.

Mr. Riley also asked the council to change the wording of the ordinance to earmark money from the connection fees to be used for capital expansion only, not for replacement of parts of the existing system.

The council passed the amended ordinance on a vote of 4-1.

The council also passed an ordinance last night that will require owners of new homes to pay a $100 parks service charge and a $200 safety service charge.

According to the ordinance, the money raised will be spent to ensure that people who move into new homes have access to the same level of services that are enjoyed by other residents.

Also last night, the council amended the town personnel policy to allow male employees to take up to five days' accrued sick leave upon the birth or adoption of a child in the immediate family. The meeting was followed by a work session with county staff on how to protect future well sites for the town.

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