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Woman faces charges in rampage after firing

A 23-year-old Manchester woman has been charged in a criminal summons with battery and four traffic violations. The offenses occurred shortly after she was fired from her job in Westminster on Monday, police said.

Kimberly Mae Miller of Ebbvale Road was fired from a job with a cleaning company in the first block of W. Main St. Before she left the place, police authorities said, she struck a supervisor in the face with a purse, hit the woman on the shoulder with a large ring of keys and threw a five-inch TV-radio to the floor.

According to court documents, Ms. Miller left the business office only after Westminster police Sgt. Patrick Bassler arrived and told her to leave the cleaning company.

Court papers say Ms. Miller got into her car, gunned the engine, spun the wheels and fish-tailed the car as she sped away.

Sergeant Bassler caught the defendant a short distance away. He charged her with speeding, negligent driving, failure to stop when entering a street from an alley and spinning the wheels of her car, the court documents say.


* Westminster: A resident of Gablehammer Road reported to police that someone removed several articles valued at $450 from his car Sunday while the vehicle was parked on the Longwell parking lot.


* Westminster: Engines from the Westminster fire company were called out at 2:40 a.m. Wednesday for trash burning on Marshall Drive. They were out for 24 minutes.

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