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Goucher student says he wants to be commissioner Nursery teaching his credentials


Andrew Ervin is one of many fans who think they could run Major League Baseball.

What separates Ervin from those who only dream about the chance is that he actually applied for the job.

Ervin, 22, a native of Media, Pa., and a senior philosophy major at Goucher College, said he "was looking for a summer job, and I realized that the commissioner's office was open."

So, Ervin sent a 1 1/2 -page letter and resume to Milwaukee Brewers president Bud Selig, head of baseball's ruling Executive Council, in March, saying "why I'd make a great commissioner."

A week later, Ervin received a letter from Selig, thanking Ervin for his interest and telling him his application would be forwarded to search committee chairman Bill Bartholomay. Ervin then got another letter from a law firm in Dallas that was reviewing his credentials.

Ervin sent a second letter to Selig, praising the law firm and asking for All-Star Game tickets, which, Ervin said, "is all I'm really looking for." Selig did not send Ervin tickets.

And, three months later, Ervin has yet to be contacted by Major League Baseball for an interview. The list of about 200 applicants has been narrowed to "the teens," said Major League Baseball spokesman Richard Levin.

Levin wouldn't say whether Ervin was one of the candidates still in consideration or when the committee would announce the new commissioner.

To which Ervin responded: "That's an injustice if I haven't been contacted yet, because I think that I'd be a better commissioner than the other [candidates]. I haven't even been given an interview."

Ervin said the most valuable work experience he could bring to the job is his time spent as a teacher at a nursery school for two years.

"These skills are exactly suited for being a baseball commissioner," he said. "The baseball owners are like nursery children."

And if he does not get the job?

"Then, I'll have to apply again after I graduate in December and see what's open there," Ervin said. "I'd settle for maybe Selig's job -- if I had to."

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