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Frizzellburg residents awed by wind storm's wrath Century-old trees are blown down NORTHWEST--Taneytown * Union Bridge * New Windsor * Uniontown


Nature cut quite a path through the countryside around Frizzellburg when it toppled eight 115-foot-tall, century-old trees Saturday night.

Seven poplar trees behind the house of Walter Brilhart, in the 2100 block of Frizzellburg Road, were felled in a row, exposing roots as wide as 25 feet across.

The path of the erratic wind through the area was so narrow that it left a lightweight aluminum lawn chair sitting, unmoved, at the side of a pond about 100 feet from the trees.

A 115-foot hickory tree across the road from the home of Nancy Willis, next door to Mr. Brilhart, fell into the woods crushing many smaller trees.

Tabitha Willis, 14, of Deltona, Fla., who is visiting her father, was in the second-floor front bedroom when the doors on that floor slammed shut and the noise began.

Tabitha said, "I looked out the window and saw the tree start to fall and thought it was going to fall this way, so I ran downstairs calling for my father. I was scared."

The huge hickory, with a trunk about 6 feet in diameter, fell away from the house and caused no property damage.

This location is about a half-mile from where the same or a similar "direct-line storm" came through the house and property of Brett Fleagle. A window fan that was screwed into the frame was ripped out, kitchen chairs were sent scurrying across the room and several trees were uprooted.

Larry Myers, a weather observer in Westminster, said the damage at the Fleagle residence did not resemble the twisted remains of a tornado.

A spokesman for the Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. said about 1,000 customers in Carroll were without power from about 10 p.m., when the storm hit, until about midnight.

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