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Woman accused of theft from minister

An Annapolis woman who allegedly cheated a minister out of $62 last week was charged with theft, county police reported.

On July 6, a woman called the Parkwood United Methodist Church in the first block of Mayo Road and identified herself as Annapolis police Officer Lisa Powell. She told the pastor she needed money for a woman to take a cab to a Baltimore hospital to claim the body of her baby, police said.

The pastor agreed to help and told the caller to put the woman in a cab and send her to the church, where he would give her the money, the police report said.

When the cab arrived, the pastor gave the driver $62, enough to cover the fare from Annapolis to Baltimore. But cab company records showed that the taxi went to Clay Street instead, where the woman got out, and the driver handed over the rest of the cash, the police report said. Officers found that there is no one in the Annapolis Police Department named Lisa Powell. They showed the pastor a photo lineup, and he identified Rachelle Renee Snyder, 25, of Clay Street in Annapolis, the police report said.

Ms. Snyder was arrested Thursday. Officers found that, although she did have a child who died recently, the body was at the funeral home when she went to the church.

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