The following awards were presented to North Carroll High School seniors who graduated:

* Brinton Memorial Award: Shannon Walter and Andrew Smith.

* Engle Memorial Award: Stacey Strevig and Joseph McDaniel.

* Rotary Award: Deborah Fleming, Andrew Smith; runners-up: Francine Hewes and Jarrod Clink.

* Hampstead Lions-Lioness Memorial Scholarship of $1,000: Brian Staples.

* Lineboro-Manchester Lions Award: Tina Straley and Clay Merryman.

* Kathleen Twigg Honorary Scholarship: Kendall Marie Crouch.

* Paul Garrett Memorial Scholarship: Clay Merryman.

* Hampstead American Legion Post 200 Scholarship: Andrew Smith.

* Women's Club Award: Kristen Bolster.

* North Carroll High School Scholarship: Meghan Moore and Keith Mayle Jr.

* David N. Steger Memorial Scholarship: Jennifer Lee Miller.

* I. Virginia and E. Carroll Murray Scholarship: Meghan Moore.

* Northeast Rabbits Scholarship: Michael Roberts.

* North Carroll Recreation Council Scholarships: $500, Michele Jeffery, Ashlee Douglas, Jeremy Krug;$750, Keith Mayle Jr.; and $1,000, Francine Hewes.

* Former Students of Robert Moton Scholarship of $1,000: Gilda Hogan.

* Ernest E. Wooden Educational Fund: Meghan Moore.

* Maryland Association of Private Career Schools Scholarship: $2,925 to Sandra Spoonire to attend The Medix School.

* Mothers Against Drunk Driving Scholarship of $1,000: Andrew Smith.

* Carroll County Education Association Scholarship: Meghan Moore.

* Hampstead Auxiliary Unit 200 Scholarship: Melissa Mays.

* Army Reserve Scholar-Athlete Scholarship: Michael Roberts and Francine Hewes.

* U.S. Marine Corps Scholarship: Keith Mayle and Debbie Fleming.

* Learning Disabilities Association Scholarship: Stacey Strevig.

* Carroll County Arts Council Scholarship: (Creative Writing) Sara Simantel; and (Visual Arts) Stacey Krumrine.

* Carroll County Reading Council Scholarship: Jennifer Miller.

* Carroll County Commissioners Leadership Scholarship: Lisa Sauter.

* Kiwanis Club Scholarship: Marti Fair, Sharon Hall, Jarrod Clink, Kristen Vey and Kristi Yeagley.

* Key Club Scholarship: (Service Award) Jarrod Clink; (Charter Member Award) Marti Fair and Sharon Hall.

* Maryland Army National Guard Scholar/Athlete Award: Meghan Moore and Keith Mayle.

* Senatorial Scholarship (Larry Haines): Matthew Flanagan, Carrie Graham and Francine Hewes.

* The Sun for Carroll County Scholar-Athlete Awards: (Scholar-Athlete of the Year) Francine Hewes; and (Scholar Athlete Award) Michael Roberts.

* Sons of the American Revolution and Good Citizen Award: Rebecca Jones.

* Villa Julie College: (President's Scholarship) Christopher Holmes, (Key Scholarship) Melissa Parker, and (Maryland Distinguished Scholar Honorable Mention Award) Stacey Krumrine.

* Seton Hill College Athletic Scholarship: Kara Tedder.

* Tandy Technology Scholars: Jennifer Miller, Sara Simantel, Rebecca Jones, Kristen Bolster and Francine Hewes.

* Carroll County Municipal League Scholarship: Keith Mayle.

* Carroll County Chamber of Commerce Charles D. Schaffer Scholarship: Andrew Smith.

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